Eastertime Email Stationery by Cloudeight
"Happy Hunting" Based on Original Art by Penny Parker
Music composed and sequenced by Bill Sandy
Stationery Design by CloudEight
March 2002

Please take a moment to visit Penny Parker online art gallery to view a variety of art and to thank her for allowing Cloudeight to use her art in the creation of this Eastertime email stationery selection. Music for this stationery design was composed and sequenced by our official CloudEight midi composer, Bill Sandy, especially for Cloudeight. Please visit Bill's online studio at http://www.mystifyingmusic.com/

Click here to download this selectionClick here to download this selection from the Eastertime Stationery Collection. All stationery in this set have the common prefix "eastertime" for ease in finding it in your stationery list.

If you are new to email stationery, be sure to visit our Help page for easy 1-2-3 instructions on how to use your stationery! We even include a picture tutorial.


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This stationery design is copyright 2002 by CloudEight Stationery. This design is based upon original art by Penny Parker (all rights reserved) and is used by special arrangement with the artist. Background music was composed and sequenced by Bill Sandy (copyright Bill Sandy) and is used by special arrangement with the composer.