Majestic Sanctuary
Cloudeight Stationery Seascapes Collection
Featured Artist: Jeff Wilkie
Featured Composer: Dufada
Stationery designed and created by: Cloudeight Stationery
July 2002

Please support the artists who share their work with us. Visit Jeff Wilkie's online gallery by clicking here.  Midi composition is by Dufada; click here to visit Dufuda's online studio.

If you need help with downloading or using our stationery, please see our help and FAQ pages. Remember all Cloudeight Stationery and QuickNotes have preset margins and contrasting font colors when used correctly. Need help with automatic download installation? Click here!

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Stationery design is copyright ©2002 by Cloudeight Stationery. Design based on art by Jeff Wilkie (copyright ©Jeff Wilkie) and is used with permission. Accompanying music was composed by Dufuda and is used with permission. Questions or comments? Email us at