Cloudeight Stationery "Guardian Angel"
"Sweetest Things: The Art of Penny Parker"
Stationery Collection,  September 2002

We'd like to thank Penny Parker for allowing us to use her art as the design basis for this stationery design. Please visit Penny's Online Gallery by clicking here.

Midi composition in this selection is by Don Gilman. Take a visit to his online studio to listen to more of his original compositions and check out the cdroms he offers for sale from his site. Stop by and sign Don's guestbook. Tell him Cloudeight sent you!

If you need help using our stationery, you'll find very easy-to-use instructions on our help page.

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This stationery design is copyright 2002 by Cloudeight Internet (all rights reserved). This design is based on original art copyright by Penny Parker and is used with written permission. Questions or comments? You can contact Cloudeight at