Cloudeight Stationery
Thanksgiving 2002

Your stationery will look exactly like this with preset margins and scrolling, if you use it correctly! If you are new to Cloudeight Stationery, please review our Help page which outlines the three steps to using!

This stationery is based on artwork by Randy McGovern. Please visit Randy's online art gallery by clicking here.

Music in this selection is by Bill Sandy of Mystifying Music. Please visit his online studio, take a tour and listen to some of his original compositions, and consider purchasing a music cdrom to help support our midi artists!

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This stationery design is copyright ©2002 by Cloudeight Stationery. Based on a painting by Randy McGovern (© Randy McGovern) and used with permission. Music was composed by and is copyright by ©Bill Sandy, Mystifying Music, and used by special arrangement.