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About Cloudeight Internet

Cloudeight Internet is a small company located in Michigan, USA. What started out as a hobby has now become a small business thanks to so many of our visitors who tell their friends about us, buy the products and services we offer, and most of all download, use, and share the more the 5000 free things we offer.

Our business model is simple. We trust and believe in the common decency of people and believe that a free site like ours can exist without flooding our pages with pop-under banners, pop-up banners, spyware, trickware, scumware, or malware. We don't believe that good, clean, family-type content is out-of-date. We don't believe in spyware and we don't believe in forcing software on people's computers.

We survive by offering over 5000 free downloads and trusting our those who download and use our software to support us by buying one of our CD-ROMs, E-Books, or one of our Software products like Smileycons.

We've also established partnerships with first-class companies like SpamBully, Talking Email, MaxPatch Ink, and Free CD-ROM Software. These companies work with us to promote their products and services to our visitors and newsletter subscribers. We never hesitate to promote these partners because we use their products and services ourselves. We know that they treat our customers with respect and courtesy; otherwise we would not partner with them.

By keeping our site visitors and newsletter subscribers number one we know they'll keep our site number one. We continue to survive and grow in an increasingly competitive environment. We believe in trying to do the right thing even when it comes to answering over 2000 emails each week personally. In short, we treat our visitors, newsletter subscribers, and customers the way we ourselves like to be treated. We know that we will continue to survive as long as there are good and decent people in this world.

Thanks for visiting out Web sites today! We hope you enjoy all the things that Cloudeight has to offer. Don't forget to tell your friends about us!


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