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Advanced (also known as Outlook Express version)   is stationery exactly like the standard installation, except that it creates a new directory (folder)  in which to install itself. Only users of Outlook Express can use this feature.  Each collection will be in its own folder for ease of selection.  Due to limitations,  Outlook  cannot use this feature is because they do not have the capability to browse when choosing a stationery; they must use standard version only.

As far as appearance and sound there is no difference.   If you try to change the directory these install to, you will lose the ability to include music with your stationery.

Advanced/Outlook Express installation programs will create a new sub-folder inside the CloudEight folder in your default stationery directory. This will allow you to find the stationery you want faster and easier! .

If you have already downloaded standard collections and want to change to advanced, you can safely delete the matching files in your default stationery directory at C:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\stationery  Just be sure you do not delete the new "cloudeight" subdirectory you will see in that file. All collections are available in advanced install except Special Occasions.  

All our our QuickNotes! are also available in both Standard and Advanced.

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