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This page was last updated on February 2, 2021

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Our InfoAve Premium E-book Volume 15, is free for all Cloudeight Boosters.

You can download your free e-book here

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We thank you so much for your support and for being a booster. We have and many requests from you to set up some kind of recurring donation. We have, because of your requests, set up a page where, if you choose to do so, you can set up a monthly gift [donation] to help us keep on helping you.  If you’d like to make a recurring monthly donation to help us, please visit this page. We appreciate any donation – whether it be a one-time donation, several donations over time, or recurring donations. They are truly appreciated – and so are you! If you’d like more info about making a recurring donation click here.

Our Cloudeight InfoAve E-book  [Volume 13] is FREE for all Boosters

Get our 2016 InfoAve Volume 13 E-book filled with tips and tricks you can use, and a more. It contains all of the content from every issue of InfoAve Premium from October 2015 to October 16 – and that means it contains tons of info and tips for Windows 10. Download your FREE Cloudeight 2016 InfoAve E-book Volume 13 here. It’s packed full of Windows tips, tricks, freeware picks, answers the most often asked questions and a lot more.

“Raincrows and other essays” E-book is FREE for all our Boosters!

“Raincrows” contains all our favorite essays through September 2016. “Raincrows and other essays” e-book features over 85 of our favorite essays and it is free for all Cloudeight Boosters. Download “Raincrows and other essays” right now. 

We’ll be having more special offers for our Boosters over the course of the year. We’ll let you know via our newsletters. Of course, any new freebies and or specials will be posted right here on your Booster’s Home page! Thanks so much!

EVEN MORE Freebies for our Boosters!

Thanks so much for your support, help, and friendship. The following freebies are available to all of our Cloudeight Boosters!

 WinterHouse Screensaver FREE!

Our most popular screensaver ever is now free for all our Boosters! It’s great for the holiday, it’s great for winter, it’s great all year around.

Visit this page to get you Cloudeight WinterHouse screensaver FREE.  

Cloudeight Smileycons Is Free For All Boosters

To get your free Smileycons program visit this post.

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Many of you have asked where you can make an additional donations. Just click the “Donate” button at the top of this page. You can also make additional donations here.  We both appreciate your support & your friendship very much.


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Those of you who have generously supported our Web sites and newsletters with donations are very much appreciated. Your donations have helped us through some very rough times — in fact, without your donations there’s a good chance we would not have been able to keep our small business going. So thank you so very much for your friendship & support. Without you, we wouldn’t be here!

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