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It costs us thousands a month to keep Cloudeight online. Right now advertisers help us pay a lot of that. With your help, we believe we can keep Cloudeight online and free with a minimal amount of 3rd party banners or pop-up advertisements.  Contributions are completely voluntary!  See below for ways you can show your support! 

Update January 2004: We appreciate those who have shown their support! We have been able to remove many ads and banners from pages on our site, and right now we have banners/ads on less then 8% of our entire site! Also, we have been able to present a number of Members Only gifts ad free, as well as many of the Members Only Pages! We need your continued support so we can keep those ads off! 


If you enjoy the "FREE" Internet and don't want to see it disappear as it has been, please help us to keep going and providing you with the best email stationery, screen savers, wallpaper, Funletters, QuickNotes, Acpressions, and more. Let's show the Internet community that you will support family-friendly sites who offer quality content for everyone to use freely!

cartoon_eagle_scream_ty_wht.gif (5251 bytes)Cloudeight offers a number of their own CDS, as well as many Cloudeight endorsed software programs.

We only endorse programs that we have used and think are great programs! We enter into agreements with the companies that make the software, so we can purchase in quantity and offer to our visitors at a substantial savings.

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