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One of the ways we say thank you to all of you on our mail list is to create something special just for you, each time we issue a newsletter. The release of our "Equine: Wild and Free" stationery collection is no exception! We've created a special screen saver we call "From Us To you" that we think is one of our most beautiful ever. We hope you agree !

Click here to download "From Us To You" Screen Saver by CloudEight
(file size is approximately 1.75 MB)

Above you can see several of the images that are in the "From Us To You" screen saver. All of these images are full screen images with lovely transition effects. We've also included some very soothing music which, of course, can be turned off should you desire. All of our screen savers are highly configurable; you can customize it in many ways. You can also select your desktop wallpaper from any of the images in this screen saver. There are many in "From Us To You" that make superb desktop wallpaper! For complete configuration instructions, please see our screen saver help page!

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