QuickNotes VI 
special edition for our mail list subscribers

CloudEight QuickNotes stationery are non-scrolling, non-musical stationery, you can send from anywhere! Home, office, or school, you can send beautiful stationery quickly and easily. QuickNotes supplement our huge library of scrolling, musical, stationery for Outlook and Outlook Express. We will continue to add new stationery of both types to our growing stationery library.

Muskoka and White Lily are based on paintings by our friend Brenda Hoddinott!  Please take a moment to view her online gallery by clicking here!

Click on the title to see a preview of each QuickNotes Stationery.
QuickNotes are only available as collections!

Canyon Butterfly Daisy Daisy Dark Horse Muskoka Pegasus
Roses In Glass White Lily Who Are You? Wings Of Love Contact us!

Please note that you must use QuickNotes following the same instructions as our scrolling stationery. If you're not sure how to use our stationery please view our help page.