Cloudeight InfoAve Weekly

Cloudeight InfoAve Weekly
Issue #897
Volume 18 Number 8
December 18, 2020

Dear Friends,

We wish you and your family a very safe and Happy Holiday Season - and a very Merry Christmas!

Welcome to Cloudeight InfoAve Weekly Issue #897. Thank you very much for subscribing and for being a part of our Cloudeight family. We appreciate your friendship and support very much!  Please share our newsletters and our Website with your family and all your friends.

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OE Classic & Cloudeight
Our newest Cloudeight Endorsed Email Program - Very Similar to Windows Mail & Outlook Express. Stationery works great!

Read more about OE Classic here!

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Cloudeight 2020 Christmas DealsChristmas Special! Save $20 on a Cloudeight SeniorPass!

Our Cloudeight SeniorPass is valid for unlimited computer care & repair for one computer for 365 days - starting with the first time you use it. The clock does not start ticking until you use your SeniorPass for the first time. A great deal that just got better during our Christmas sale!

Having a SeniorPass is just like having insurance for your computer. Our SeniorPass is always affordable, but during our Christmas sale, you can get a SeniorPass for just $79. With a Cloudeight SeniorPass you can get help with almost any computer problem whenever you need it and as often as you need it. Plus, our SeniorPass gives you the option of Anytime Support! If you request it, we can set up an unattended session for you so all you have to do when you need help is just let us know. We're here to help you.

Our SeniorPass is on sale now for just $79. Save $20 right now!

Get more details and/or get your Cloudeight SeniorPass here.

Our Christmas Sale deals are good through Sunday, December 27, 2020.

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Cloudeight InfoAve

Sally wants to know what she needs to do with the end of Adobe Flash coming soon
I'm curious if there is anything I need to do with Flash Player going away after this month. I currently use Chrome as my browser,

Our answer
Hi Sally. Flash has already been replaced on most sites by HTML5. All modern browsers support HTML5 without any add-ons or extensions. Even the IE, to some degree, supports HTML5. So there's nothing you need to do to get ready for the demise of Flash.

This is not to say that every site that uses Flash will switch over to HTML5 before the end of the year. But there is nothing you can do about websites that have not updated.

And since you're using Chrome you don't have do anything. When Chrome updates after 12/31/2020 - it will no longer include the Flash Player option

If you want to know more about the end of Adobe Flash, see our article here.

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Sidney updated Windows 10 and now none of his desktop shortcuts to Websites work
Windows just updated and now none of the shortcuts I have for websites on my desktop work. When I click then a circle shows up and then goes away.

I tried deleting the ones I have and making new ones, but that didn't work. My other shortcuts work. It is just the internet shortcuts that don't.

The only way I can get on the Internet is to click the Firefox button on the taskbar and then go where I want to go from the Home page.

I checked the Firefox Help page but didn't see anything that would help. Can you help?

Our answer
Hi Sidney. First, try shutting down your computer - power it off completely - and leave it powered off for a few minutes, then turn it back on. Then try your desktop shortcuts.

If that does not work, go to Settings >Apps >Default apps and make sure that Firefox is set as your default browser. If Firefox is set as default, try choosing a different browser as default (temporarily). Then, if the Internet shortcuts on the desktop are working, the icons for the shortcuts will change to reflect the browser you selected as default. If the icons do change, then try going back to Settings > Apps > Default apps and setting Firefox as the default browser again. They should all work.

Let me know if this helps you.
Sidney wrote back... "Thank you. After shutting it down - twice - I finally have them back working. However, about 25% of things are messed up and looks like today I will be spending my time trying to change the settings back like I want them. Right now, I am happy I can still get email and surf the web. All the rest of it is a bonus at this point. Again - thanks. You always come through for me. Sidney"

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Harriet wants to know about Dark Web notification
Hey guys. Can you check a Dark Web notification I received? I need some help. I also need to have Norton removed from my computer and have Emsisoft installed. Do I need Emsisoft with Microsoft Defender?

Our answer
Hi Harriet. We can't check Dark Web notifications, but if you received a notice from a provider telling you that your info has been found on the Dark Web, we can look at the notification and figure out what you need to do. Generally, you'll need to change the password for the account that was compromised and found on the Dark Web. But we can tell you that it's not uncommon to have providers find some personal info on the Dark Web.

You have a Cloudeight Direct SeniorPass and we have set up unattended support for you. So, I'll be glad to connect to your computer, remove Norton, install Emsisoft and fix or check anything else that needs attention. Just let me know.

We recommend Emsisoft as it works alongside of Microsoft Defender. Given Microsoft's history of abandoning its security programs like One Live and Microsoft Security Essentials and leaving users in the lurch - we would never recommend using Microsoft Defender alone.

Just let me know when you're online and I'll be able to connect to your computer and get things fixed for you.

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Heinz needs to use Internet Explorer to use a website
I have an issue trying to use Internet Explorer, I know it is part of Windows 10. I am a service officer with DAV (Disabled American Veterans). and to update the password for the website I can only do it using Internet Explorer. How do i get IE to work?

Our answer
Hi Heinz. Internet Explorer on Windows 10 is in the Start menu under Windows Accessories. You can also start Internet Explorer by typing iexplore in taskbar search, pressing Enter and clicking Internet Explorer when it appears in search results.

Also, Microsoft has included an Internet Explorer (IE) mode in Microsoft Edge. You can use IE mode in Microsoft Edge to emulate IE on sites that still require IE.

This is from Microsoft...

"What is IE mode?

IE mode on Microsoft Edge makes it easy to use all of the sites your organization needs in a single browser. It uses the integrated Chromium engine for modern sites, and it uses the Trident MSHTML engine from Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) for legacy sites.

When a site loads in IE mode, the IE logo indicator displays on the left side of navigation bar. You can click the IE logo indicator to display additional information..."

Learn how to use IE mode in Microsoft Edge here.

When you use IE mode in Edge the site you're visiting will see your browser as Internet Explorer instead of Edge.

And all this being said, I just tried in Firefox and had no problems using the site or getting to the signup page or typing in signup information

According the DAV site it says the DAV site is compatible with "nearly all Internet Browsers..."

You can no longer download Internet Explorer, but you can download Firefox from

I hope this helps you, Heinz.

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Cloudeight 2020 Christmas DealsEmsisoft With Free Installation and Set-up by Cloudeight.

Here's your chance to get Emsisoft award-winning anti-malware and antivirus protection plus free installation and configuration by Cloudeight Direct. This special offer includes a one-year license for Emsisoft Anti-Malware/Antivirus, complete removal of your current antivirus software. and installation and configuration of your Emsisoft Anti-Malware and antivirus program by Cloudeight Direct Computer Care.

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Our Emsisoft + Free Installation and set-up is a great deal. Take advantage of our Christmas sale and protect your computer with Emsisoft - the same security software we use on all our business and personal computers.  This special offer of Emsisoft with free installation and set-up and a one-year Emsisoft license for just $29 is available only for a very short time.


Our Christmas Sale deals are good through Sunday, December 27, 2020.

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Carl wants to switch from True Key to LastPass but...
I have been using True Key password manager for a long time. Then it was sold to someone else and then to someone else, I believe. Anyway, it is owned by McAfee now.

True Key has been a free program for years, but now I can only use it offline. To update True Key, they want me buy McAfee Total Protection which is quite a bundle. I don't want anything that McAfee has anything to do with.

Do you still recommend LastPass? This computer has Lass Pass on it and probably hasn't been used for eight years. Should I delete it and download the latest version of lass pass? Can I import everything from True Key to Lass Pass?

Our answer
Hi Carl. Yes, we still recommend LastPass (I've been using it every day for years). If you want to start using LastPass, I recommend you uninstall your old version of LastPass first since it's so old. You can download the latest version of LastPass from

As far as I know, you cannot import True Key data/passwords directly into LastPass. But you can export your True Key passwords to a CSV file and then import your passwords into LastPass.

To learn how to export your True Key passwords to a CSV file, see this page.

To learn how to import your passwords into LastPass from a CSV file, see this page.

We hope this helps you, Carl.

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Mildred's computer won't start
My computer will not open. I have even pulled the plug from the wall and plugged it back in trying to get it started. Is there a way to start my computer via the keyboard? Do you think it's dead? It is a four and one-half year old, Dell All-in-All. Thanks, Mildred.

Our answer
Hi Mildred. I'm sorry your having problems with your computer.

When you plug your PC and turn it on, if you don't see any lights come on the device - then it's probably the power supply that's shot. The power supply can be replaced. However, if you don't know how to replace it yourself it may be $150 or more to purchase one and have it installed. If this is the case, then you might want to consider putting this money toward a new computer.

If you turn it on and you see power/hard drive lights come on but nothing else. Do this. Turn off your PC using the power switch. Once it's shutdown, unplug the PC from the power outlet. Wait 5 minutes and then plug it back in. Next, hold down the SHIFT key and then turn on computer using the power button and keep holding down the SHIFT key until you see the Advanced Startup menu. If you can get to that menu you can run troubleshooting tools that may help you get the PC working. See our article about the Advanced Startup menu here.

If you can't get to the Advanced Startup menu, you may have a bad hard drive - if that's the case - and you don't know how to put a new one in yourself - it will cost you around $100 - $150 to put one in. A new 1TB hard drive itself costs around $40-$50.

Keep in mind you can buy a decent new all-in-one computer for under $550 or a laptop from around $400 - $450.

We hope this helps you get your computer up and running, Mildred

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Roberta cannot get to PCH. com.
I need help. I am not able to get to Three days ago, in middle of playing games there, I started having problems and now I cannot even log into I'm not having problems with other sites. I get emails from but the links do not work for playing any of the games, for the lotto or the sweepstakes, etc.

Nothing has changed on my computer. Let me know what you think about it and can you fix it? I hope so! Thanks, Roberta.

Our answer
Hi Roberta. It sounds like a bad browser extension to me. I suggest you try a different browser or try resetting your browser.

If you're using Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or IE, see this page to learn how to reset your browser.

After you reset your browser, restart your browser and try going to

If you need any more help, let us know.
Roberta wrote back... "Thanks so much! That did the trick on the first try! Merry Christmas, and God Bless! Roberta..."

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Teena has the ClassicShell start menu but is now having problems
Hello TC and Darcy. Thanks so much for your help in the past so many times. You installed windows 10 for me this past spring. Now in the past few weeks every time I start up, I get "Classic Shell needs to configure itself for the new operating system". I do install all the updates, but did I miss something?

Did I do something wrong and can I make it go away? Help! Teena R.

Our answer
Hi Teena. I'm skeptical of ClassicShell updates, because it's no longer being developed and hasn't been updated in about 2 years. It's been replaced by OpenShell, which I've tested and found to be nearly the same as ClassicShell.

You can download OpenShell (free) which is just a newer, supported version of the ClassicShell program from this link.

I'm sure this will solve your problems with ClassicShell, but if not, let us know.

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Clint wants to know about transferring files from one PC to another
Good morning TC. I just wanted to thank you again for the professional job you did this week on my desktop PC. You allayed all my fears of intrusion into my computer and even complimented me about the condition I keep my system (that's mainly because I take your advice and subscribe to the newsletter).

Now I have another question. I bought another laptop yesterday and I'm trying to get it set up. Windows used to have a tool to transfer everything from one pc to another (not clone but duplicate) but that is not available in windows 10. Do you know of any free program that will do that? Clint

Our answer
Hi Clint. Thanks for your nice comments and your support; they're very much appreciated.

We STRONGLY don't recommend that you transfer everything from one computer to another. Transferring programs, drivers, etc. is a sure way to bungle up your new computer. I know a lot of promise are made by transfer programs, but we see a lot of computer and a lot of computer that use transfer programs almost always had anomalies and problems. Programs have many dependencies that reach into the registry and they almost never transfer correctly.

Much better to get an external hard drive and copy the C:\Users\Your Username\ folder from the old computer to the external drive. The user's folder contains the Pictures, Documents, Music, Desktop, Favorites and Video folder among others. You can plug the external into the new computer and open the User's folder / Pictures folder on the external drive and selecting all the contents of the folder using CTRL + A and then transferring to the Pictures folder on the new computer. Do the same with the Documents, Music, Video folders.

If you have Microsoft 365 (MS OFFICE) you can use OneDrive to move files from one computer to another, but OneDrive doesn't move apps or programs. Microsoft 365 subscribers get 1 TB (terabyte) of Cloud storage. You can get Microsoft 365 Personal for $6.99 a month - and it includes MS Word, MS Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. plus 1 TB of online OneDrive storage. Since Windows 10 comes with OneDrive it's the easiest way to transfer files from one PC to another. More info on Microsoft 365 here.

If you still want to transfer everything programs/drivers/settings/files/folders - I can find no free file transfer programs that I would trust.

EaseUs offers a free transfer program but it's only free if you transfer less than 500 MB (that's megabytes - as in one-half of one GB). In other words -- worthless. Here are the most popular PC transfer programs (and we don't recommend any of them).

Laplink PC Mover $39.95 (limited features - more features for more money.)

Zinstall WinWin $119

EaseUs ToDo PC Transfer Pro $49.95/month (auto renew) / $59.95 a year.

I think that about covers everything, Clint. But if not, just let us know.

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Cloudeight 2020 Christmas DealsBuy One Cloudeight Direct Computer Care Repair Key and GET ONE FREE!

During our Cloudeight Christmas Sale, when you buy a Cloudeight Direct Computer Care repair key, we'll give you one FREE. That's right! From now through Sunday, December 27, 2020, when you buy one Cloudeight Direct Computer Care repair key for $50, we'll give you a second one free!.

With our Cloudeight Direct Computer Care service, we connect directly to your computer via the Internet to fix your computer problems, remove viruses or malware, optimize your PC and more. You never have to leave your home or leave your computer with a stranger. You'll be invited to watch us while we fix your Windows computer. And we can fix your computer regardless of where you live. Our Cloudeight Direct Service is available worldwide. We offer world-class computer care services from the company you trust.

Take advantage of our Christmas Buy One Get One free special NOW!

Our Christmas Sale deals are good through Sunday, December 27, 2020.

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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium -Tips & Tricks

Optimize Your Browser’s Bookmarks Bar by Using Icons Only
A tip for everyone using Chrome or Edge

This tip will work with any bookmark in your bookmarks bar that already displays an icon. Microsoft Edge calls bookmarks “Favorites” and the bookmarks bar the “Favorites bar” – but bookmarks and Favorites are the same thing.

You can only use this tip on bookmarks or favorites that already display an icon.

Google Chrome

Here’s how to show icons only in Chrome’s bookmarks bar.

1. Right-click on the shortcut you want to make an icon only & click “Edit” from the right-click dropdown menu.

Cloudeight Chrome Tips

2. Highlight the bookmark’s name and delete it. Then click Save.

Cloudeight Chrome Tips

3. I’ve done several of my Chrome bookmarks this way to show you what it looks like and how much space it saves.

Chrome tips by Cloudeight
The Apps icon/name, as shown in the screenshot above at the far-left edge, cannot be edited. But as you can see, I’ve changed five of my bookmarks to icons only and it saves a lot of room and that means you can display more bookmarks on the bookmarks bar that are always in sight.

The bookmarks are (in the screenshot above) from the left: “Clear Chrome Data settings”, my main banking site, my secondary bank, and the Cloudeight InfoAve site, and our Emsisoft web portal. You can see without the descriptive text, they take up a lot less room.

Microsoft Edge

Here’s how easy it is to show icons only in Edge’s Favorites bar.

This tip was suggested by Gary B. Thanks to Gary for sending this tip to us.

Right-click on any Favorite in the Microsoft Edge Favorites bar and click “Show icon only” in the drop-down menu that appears.

Microsoft Edge tips by Cloudeight

Look how nice and neat the Favorites Bar looks with icons only – and you have a lot more room for a lot more “Favorites” on it also.

Microsoft Edge tips by Cloudeight

Keep in mind there are some limitations – you can only do this with bookmarks that already display icons.

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“Little” File Explorer Tricks for You
Windows 10 - All supported versions

Here are some “little” Windows 10 File Explorer tricks we hope you’ll find useful.

Switch between icon view and list view

Did you know you can switch between “Icon view” and “List view” just by clicking an icon?

Here is File Explorer in “List view”. You can switch to “Icon view” just by clicking this icon in the bottom left corner see?

Windows 10 File Explorer Tricks - Cloudeight
And now File Explorer’s in “Icon view”. And if you want to go back to list view just click this icon in the bottom right corner. See?

Windows 10 File Explorer Tricks - Cloudeight

Move or copy files with File Explorer

You can copy or move one or more selected files to any other location on your PC, external drive, USB flash drive, etc. It’s easy. Just select your file(s) and click the “Move to” or “Copy to” buttons in the File Explorer ribbon. Or if you prefer you can add “Move to” and “Copy to” to your Windows 10 Right-click menu by following our tip here.

Windows 10 File Explorer Tricks - Cloudeight

How to show or hide the File Explorer ribbon

And speaking of the File Explorer ribbon. Sometimes you feel like a ribbon and sometimes you don’t. Hiding the File Explorer ribbon is quick and easy and doing so allows you to see more files and folders in the same amount of space.  To hide the File Explorer ribbon, click the little up arrow icon in the top right corner. See?

Windows 10 File Explorer Tricks - Cloudeight

And to bring the File Explorer ribbon back again, just click the little down arrow icon located in the top right corner of File Explorer. See?

Windows 10 File Explorer Tricks - Cloudeight

We hope you find these “little” File Explorer tips useful!

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Create a Desktop Shortcut to All Control Panel Items
Windows 10 - all supported versions

Everyone else calls this “god” mode. We’re not much in favor of that name. So, we call it the “Empower” mode. But no matter what you call it, this tip will help you make a shortcut on your desktop to every single Control Panel item.

And while many Control Panel items have been moved to the Settings app in Windows 10 – many have not, and some are available in both.

And because when you click on your new “Empower” mode desktop shortcut, you may find settings you never saw listed in Control Panel before– but they were always there.

While you can create a shortcut to Empower Mode anywhere, we think it is best on the desktop where it’s easier to find and therefore more likely to be used, right?

Here’s how to create a shortcut to Empower Mode and get every single Control Panel in one click.

1. Create a new folder on your desktop (Right-click on an empty space on your desktop and click “New” then “Folder”.

2. Right-click on the newly created folder, choose “Rename” and rename it exactly as follows:


(We recommend you copy that folder name and then paste it.)

3. When you’re done, you’ll have an icon on your desktop that looks like this:

Cloudeight Internet Windows Tips & Tricks

And when you click it, you’ll be empowered with every Control Panel setting — right at your fingertips.

Cloudeight Internet Windows Tips & Tricks

Cloudeight InfoAve Premium

Want more tips, tricks, and information?

We have thousands of Windows tips, tricks, and more on our InfoAve web site.

Subscribe to our free InfoAve Daily newsletter.

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Cloudeight 2020 Christmas DealsEmsisoft One-Year Renewal with Cloudeight Direct PC Checkup just $29!

During our Christmas Sale when you renew Emsisoft, we'll add 365 days to your current license, PLUS we will give you a Cloudeight Direct Computer Care Checkup key that you can use to schedule a computer checkup whenever you like - you can use it anytime. Our checkup includes checking your hard drive, checking your Windows services and startups, as well as check your browser add-ons and extensions, your installed programs and doing a deep scan to check for hidden problems.

This special Christmas offer includes a one-year renewal license for Emsisoft Anti-Malware/Antivirus and a Cloudeight Direct Computer Care checkup key. The Cloudeight Direct checkup key never expires - it's good until you use it. You can use it any time your computer needs a checkup.

Our regular price for a one-year Emsisoft renewal is $25. You get the Cloudeight Direct Computer Checkup key plus a one-year Emsisoft renewal all for $29!.

Learn more and/or get your deal here.

Our Christmas Sale deals are good through Sunday, December 27, 2020. 

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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium -Tips & Tricks

Santa Tracker

Santa Tracker - Cloudeight Christmas Site Pick

It’s hard to believe that the Christmas season is here already. So, we wanted to feature a Christmas site to help you all get in the Christmas spirit – which isn’t easy this crazy year. We found an excellent site where you can play and learn – and sometimes learn while you play. The site is called Santa Tracker. It was designed and created by Google.

It’s a fact that very few design Websites as well as Google. When you have billions of dollars you can hire the best thinkers, programmers, and web designers. And if you’re looking for a fun Christmas site with lots of things to do – Google’s Santa Tracker website deserves a spot high on your list of Christmas sites you’ll want to visit this holiday season.

Santa Tracker is full of games, animations, and learning features. In the ‘learning’ section on you can learn about Christmas traditions around the world. The animated map allows lets you click on different countries and learn the unique Christmas traditions of that country.

If you have children or grandchildren, they’ll find plenty to do And if you’re a kid at heart like me, you’ll love playing around on this site- and you’ll learn new things too. And in this crazy year – this site just might help you get into the Christmas spirit.

Santa Tracker - Cloudeight Christmas Site Pick

Santa Tracker - Cloudeight Christmas Site Pick

Santa’s Village – Explore, play, and learn with Santa’s elves all December long.

Track Santa – Explore, play, and learn with Santa’s elves all December long.

Snowball Storm, Santa Search, and Santa Selfie. You can explore, play, and learn with Santa’s elves all December long.

Santa Tracker - Cloudeight Christmas Site Pick

Oh, there’s much more to do and explore on Google’s Santa Tracker site. But we’re not going to be spoilers – you’ll have to find out for yourself – but be warned – you’re going to spend some time there. And don’t forget to share the Santa Tracker website with your kids and grandkids — even if you can’t be with them this crazy year – you can still connect with them.

Santa Tracker - Cloudeight Christmas Site Pick

Visit our Cloudeight Christmas website pick “Santa Tracker” right now!

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OE Classic & Cloudeight
Our newest Cloudeight Endorsed Email Program - Very Similar to Windows Mail & Outlook Express. Stationery works great!

Read more about OE Classic here!

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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium - Essays , Rants, etc.

The True Spirit of Christmas

“So faith, hope, love remain, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians Chapter 13

Winter has arrived ahead of schedule this year. Tonight, I look out my window and see softly falling flakes of snow drifting in the dim light of the old lamp post in my front yard. How many times I’ve looked out and seen this same winterscape I cannot count. I wonder how many times I’ve looked at the same scene and went about whatever business seemed important to me at the time. And how many times I’ve never really seen anything at all as life passed by me; and I never really saw anything. At all.

But tonight, I’m feeling wistful and pensive. Not sad. Just thoughtful. Life is flowing by faster than I ever imagined it could. I suppose none of us at age twenty can imagine the value of time. Seasons come and go so quickly now. And here it is Christmastime again. And it really felt strange this night to think that Christmas is just a week away.

When I was a child a whole week to wait for Christmas to arrive seemed a painfully long time. Counting down the days and hours made it seem even longer. But Christmas did come – it came and went; it came and went many times and now here I am, many years older, and hopefully, many years wiser, looking back over all those Christmases past.

Just a week until Christmas... and it will be gone in a blink of an eye.

As I look back at Christmases past, the ones I remember most are the ones where I had the least...

Read the rest of our Christmas essay here.

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Cloudeight InfoAve Premium - Back to Basics

Clean up your cluttered desktop

We have seen a lot of desktops. And we know that many of you have dozens and dozens of icons on your desktop. All of us have been through that.  As soon as we start using Windows, we realize that the first thing staring us in the face when we startup our computers is the desktop. So it's hard to resist putting everything on the desktop that you use or think you're going to use often. The only problem with that is - eventually your desktop will be covered with icons and you'll find yourself searching through dozens and dozens of icons looking for something.   And we know that it's sacrilege to even try to get you to remove any of those icons. They're there for a reason, right?

Well, if you don't want to remove them, how about organizing them. Create folders on your desktop and drag your icons into the folders.  Let's use an example of photo editors and image viewer. Let's say you have icons for PaintShop Pro, Irfanview, FastStone Capture, Aunt Tilly's Amazing Image Enhancer, Starglaze Photo Bleater, and RedEye NoMore.  They're all related to graphics in one way or another. So why not make a folder and call it Graphics programs and drag all those icons into that folder. Just with one folder you have cleared 7 icons from your desktop and yet they are still right there when you can find them.

And what about all those website shortcuts you have on your desktop? Make a folder called "Website shortcuts" and drag all of them into that folder.

You get idea, right.  So just think if you made 6 folders and moved 7 icons into each folder, you'd clear 42 icons from your desktop.  Yet you'd still have easy access to them, because, after all, they are still on your desktop... right?

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Cloudeight InfoAve Weekly - Issue #897
Volume 18 Number 8
December 18, 2020
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