Windows XP Fonts Installed by Default
Typically, Microsoft Windows XP (Home and Professional ) installs the following TrueType fonts into the Windows/Fonts folder. Because Windows XP and other applications may need these fonts installed it is suggested that you do not remove any of these from your computer. This list applies to Windows XP United States versions only.
Font File name
Arial Arial.ttf
Arial Black Ariblk.ttf
Arial Bold Arialbd.ttf
Arial Bold Italic Arialbi.ttf
Arial Italic Ariali.ttf
Comic Sans MS Comic.ttf
Comic Sans MS Bold Comicbd.ttf
Courier 10,12,15 Coure.fon
Courier New Cour.ttf
Courier New Bold Courbd.ttf
Courier New Bold Italic Courbi.ttf
Courier New Italic Couri.ttf
Estrangelo Edessa Estre.ttf
Franklin Gothic Medium Framd.ttf
Franklin Gothic Medium Italic Framdit.ttf
Gautami Gautami.ttf
Georgia Georgia.ttf
Georgia Bold Georgiab.ttf
Georgia Bold Italic Georgiaz.ttf
Georgia Italic Georgiai.ttf
Impact Impact.ttf
Latha Latha.ttf
Lucida Console Lucon.ttf
Lucida Sans Unicode L_10646.ttf
Microsoft Sans Serif Micross.ttf
Modern Modern.fon
MS Sans Serif 8,10,12,14,18,24 Sserife.fon
MS Serif 8,10,12,14,18,24 Serife.fon
Mv Boli Mvboli.ttf
Palatino Linotype Pala.ttf
Palatino Linotype Bold Palab.ttf
Palatino Linotype Bold Italic Palabi.ttf
Palatino Linotype Italic Palai.ttf
Roman Roman.fon
Script Script.fon
Small Fonts Smalle.fon
Symbol Symbol.ttf
Symbol 8,10,12,14,18,24 Symbole.fon
Tahoma Tahoma.ttf
Tahoma Bold Tahomabd.ttf
Times New Roman Times.ttf
Times New Roman Bold Timesbd.ttf
Times New Roman Bold Italic Timesbi.ttf
Times New Roman Italic Timesi.ttf
Trebuchet MS Trebuc.ttf
Trebuchet MS Bold Trebucbd.ttf
Trebuchet MS Bold Italic Trebucbi.ttf
Trebuchet MS Italic Trebucit.ttf
Tunga Tunga.ttf
Verdana Verdana.ttf
Verdana Bold Verdanab.ttf
Verdana Bold Italic Verdanaz.ttf
Verdana Italic Verdanai.ttf
Webdings Webdings.ttf
WingDings Wingding.ttf
WST_Czech WST_Czech.fon
WST_Engl WST_Engl.fon
WST_Fren WST_Fren.fon
WST_Germ WST_Germ.fon
WST_Ital WST_Ital.fon
WST_Span WST_Span.fon
WST_Swed WST_Swed.fon

The following are Fonts are Windows XP protected system files. These fonts cannot be removed or overwritten.

  • Micross.ttf

  • Tahoma.ttf

  • Tahomabd.ttf

  • Dosapp.fon

  • Fixedsys.fon

  • Modern.fon

  • Script.fon

  • Vgaoem.fon

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