Thanksgiving Email Stationery, CloudEight Stationery, QuickNotes XVIII, A Victorian Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Welcome to the "QuickNotes 18: A Victorian Thanksgiving" QuickNotes! Stationery collection home page. QuickNotes are fast and easy stationery you can send anytime from anywhere. These are non-scrolling, non-musical, stationery, made to send easily and quickly for your holiday emailing pleasure.

Our QuickNotes 18 collection is available only as a collection due to the extremely small file size (less than 300 KB). You can preview each stationery exactly as it will look in your email by clicking on the titles below and download QuickNotes 18 from the links further down on this page.  Each stationery in this set has the common prefix qn18 for ease in locating in your downloaded stationery choices.

Contentment Gathering Hearty Little Chef
Country Harvest Indian Maiden Happy T-Day

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