Welcome to Cloudeight QuickNotes! Free and easy stationery for Outlook, Outlook Express, and NETSCAPE !

Quick and easy QuickNotes
are non-scrolling, non-musical,
stationery you can send anytime
from anywhere!


QuickNotes! Volume I

We've had many requests to make stationery that can be used for emailing from work or at other times when you may not want to send a scrolling, musical, stationery. We've come up with QuickNotes! QuickNotes are non-scrolling, non-musical, stationery you can send from work, home, or school, quickly and easily.  Use them them by following the same three steps you use for our stationery, so that the margins will be set for you!

Click on the title of the QuickNotes stationery to preview it. Remember, previews from the web will take from 15-45 seconds to open (they're instantaneous when used as stationery in email) so be patient. Because of their small size, they are available as full set downloads only.


Download QuickNotes for Outlook Express
Note:  You will find your Quicknotes in their own folder!

Download QuickNotes for Outlook


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