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QuickNotes 22
Featuring the art of Lynn Bean
Fast and Easy Stationery for Outlook & Outlook Express

A fetish as any object believed to have magical power. Pueblo Indians feel that animals are endowed with unique spiritual powers, and that the fetish is the embodiment of these spirits. Carved from rock and semi-precious stones, they are used in daily life for good luck, prosperity and health.

The assistance of a fetish has been requested for fertility, successful farming and hunting, protection from enemies, a safe journey, or an abundant rainfall. They believe one's heart must be pure and one's appeal appropriate.  Meanings and uses vary amongst different tribes and individuals. The bear for instance, may represent strength, courage and healing, while the turtle may symbolize fertility and abundance.

Please take a moment to visit "Lynn Bean Gallery" and view some of her many paintings. 
Be sure to email her and thank her for sharing her talent!

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