Logo based on art by Holly McKimson

Welcome to Quicknotes 32: Fantasy & Fairy Email Stationery Collection. Quicknotes are non-scrolling, non-musical email stationery and must still be used the same way as our regular stationery so that your margins and text color are preset. See Help page for the 1-2-3 steps to using!

The selections in this set are based on art by two of our newest artists, Toni Donelow-Stewart and Holly McKimson.  We hope you will take a moment to visit their online galleries, sign their guestbook and thank them for sharing their art so that we could create email stationery!

Toni uses pen and ink to do a variety of illustrations. Learn more about Toni by clicking here!  Please take a moment to sign her guestbook and tour her gallery.

Holly works with pen, ink, and watercolor and does a variety of art to include Opti-mal. What is Opti-mal? To find out, stop by her online gallery! Please sign her guestbook and leave a comment and a thank you!

CloudEight's QuickNotes 32 "Fantasy & Fairy"
All selections in this set carry the common prefix "qn32"
QuickNotes, because of their small size, are available as collections only.


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All content is copyright � 2001 by CloudEight Stationery. All images used in the creation of this stationery collection are copyright �Toni Donelow-Stewart and �Holly McKimson  and used with permission.