Free Email stationery for Outlook and Outlook Express. CloudEight QuickNotes, the art of Sandpaint

Welcome to "Sandpaint" QuickNotes 33 home page. All the stationery designs in this collection were based on artwork by Sandpaint. Sandpaint uses many different styles and techniques in her art. The wide variety of subjects and styles helps make our Quicknotes 33 a very eclectic one! There's a stationery design in this collection of QuickNotes to please every taste!   Cloudeight would like to thank Sandpaint for allowing us to use her artwork as the basis for the designs included in this collection.

Please support the artists who support Cloudeight. Take this opportunity to visit Sandpaint's home page at: and don't forget to sign her guest book and tell her that CloudEight sent you!

Quicknotes, because of their small file sizes are available only as a collection. This QuickNote collection is available in Outlook Express and Outlook versions. Please note that Outlook Express users can use either version. If you're using Outlook you must download the Outlook Version. All stationery in this collection have the common prefix qn33.




All stationery designs in this CloudEight QuickNotes Collection are copyright 2001-07 by CloudEight Stationery (all rights reserved). All images used in the the creation of this QuickNotes collection are copyright by Sandpaint and are used with permission.