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CloudEight Stationery, QuickNotes 44, A Cloudie St. Patrick's Day, featuring the Art of Dennis Cox.


Welcome CloudEight Members. Happy St. Patrick's Day!  This is the home page for QuickNotes 44 "A 'Cloudie' St. Patrick's Day featuring the art of our officail illustrator, Dennis Cox! Dennis would like you all to visit his gallery on the Web and to sign his brand new guest book. Please show your appreciation and support for the artists who support CloudEight. We appreciate their generosity in sharing their talents with all of us! Dennis Cox has become a good friend besides being our official illustrator. So we hope you will visit him on the Web and say "Thanks!".

As with all CloudEight QuickNotes, these do not scroll or play music. Their designed to be easy and fast to send and you can send them to almost anyone! This collection of CloudEight QuickNotes is available only as a complete collection. Since the file size of the complete collection is very small it will take only a minute or two to download and install.

Before downloading this or any CloudEight Stationery or QuickNotes, please make sure you have reviewed the instructions on our help page and read the information on our FAQ page. All CloudEight QuickNotes and stationery have preset margins and font styles/colors when used correctly.

Listed below are the titles of the QuickNotes designs in this collection.
Please click on the title to see a full size preview of it.All selections in this set have the common prefix qn44

Image232.gif (2199 bytes)
QuickNotes 44: A Cloudie St. Patrick's Day Featuring the Art of Dennis Cox

Please click here to download this CloudEight QuickNotes Collection

Don't forget, we have a St. Patrick's Day Collection of scrolling, musical email stationery for Members Only too!  Click here to get directly to the Members Only St. Patrick's Day email Stationery Collection.


All content is copyright 2002 by Cloudeight Internet LLC. This Quicknotes collection is based on artwork by Dennis Cox  (copyright Dennis Cox) and is used by special arrangement with the artist.

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