QuickNotes 2

Welcome to our second edition of QuickNotes, fast and easy stationery for Outlook Express and Outlook. These stationery designs do not scroll or play music making them ideal for sending a "quick note" from home, office, or school.  

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Click on the stationery titles below to see a preview of each selection. All stationery in this set have the common prefix qn2 for ease in locating in your downloaded stationery choices. As with all quicknotes, due to their small size they are only available as sets.


Remember that you have to use our QuickNotes according to the instructions on our help page in order to have preset margins and text colors. Follow the same instructions as you would use for stationery.

We hope you enjoy using our QuickNotes stationery as well as our regular stationery collections. Don't forget we also offer free screen savers and Wonder Screens too!

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