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First we'd like to thank you for being a member of CloudEight! And we'd also like to thank Denton Lund for his generosity in allowing us to share his artwork with you through our QuickNotes Stationery. Please show your appreciation to Mr. Lund by visiting his online gallery by clicking hereDenton Lund's online gallery has information on purchasing prints, paintings, puzzles, and other items featuring his artwork!

For those of you new to our mail list and CloudEight Stationery, our QuickNotes are non-scrolling, non-musical stationery that are fast and easy to send. You still need to follow our easy instructions so that you will have pre-set fonts, margins, and font colors. Please see our help page to review our 1-2-3 steps to using CloudEight Stationery and CloudEight QuickNotes.

Listed below are the titles of each of the QuickNote Stationery designs in this collection. Remember that due to the small size of our QuickNote Stationery, they are only available in collection form. All stationery in this set have the common prefix "qn43"

Please click here to download QuickNotes 43: The Art of Denton Lund


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All content is copyright 2002-07 by CloudEight Internet Designs. QuickNotes 43: The Art of Denton Lund is based on original artwork copyright by Denton Lund (all rights reserved). Denton Lund's artwork is used by written permission.