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We'd like to thank you for being on our mail list. This is our QuickNotes 51 "Summer Themes" home page. This collection of QuickNotes was created exclusively for you!

QuickNotes Stationery is non-scrolling, non-musical stationery that is quick to send. Our Quicknotes Stationery is easy to use but you must use it according to our 3 simple steps which you can find on our help page. If your text goes over the margins, or your font styles and contrasting font colors are not working, you need to see our help page! All of our QuickNotes and Cloudeight Stationery have preset font styles, margins, and contrasting text colors.

As with most of our QuickNotes Stationery Collections, QuickNotes 51 "Summer Themes" is available only as a collection. This is because of its very small file size and because you can remove the ones (if any) you don't want.  Be sure you download the version for your email program!

Listed below are the titles of each selection in QuickNotes 51 "Summer Themes". Please click on the title to see a preview of it. All QuickNotes in this collection have the prefix "qn51" for easy identification.

QuickNotes 51 "Summer Themes" by Cloudeight Stationery

Summer Flowers Strawberry Shortcake Sailboat Balloons
Sunflower Summer Love Hummingbirds Flower Basket

Click Here To Download QuickNotes 51 "Summer Themes"


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