MyOrca, Quicknotes 67

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We are so pleased to introduce not only a new artist, but a new kind of art!  Bob Berendt, fondly known as "Orca" has quite a talent...  instead of drawing, he scratches in the images!  

Orca writes:  "In 1977 I discovered scratchboard art but never had time to explore it. Having a near death experience and becoming disabled in 1997 due to ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome) I’ve gained a whole new perspective on life and how I observe it. Nearly 25 years after my first encounter with this form of art I have discovered my disability to be a blessing, allowing me the time to follow my creative path."

Many of the subjects are endangered species, and we are certain you will enjoy this collection! Please take a moment to visit the artist and learn more about him and his unique art, and consider purchasing a print or commissioned art!  Click Here to visit "Scratchboard Art by Orca" and sign his guestbook too!

CloudEight's QuickNotes 67 "My Orca" Featuring The Art of Bob Berendt "Orca"
All selections in this set carry the common prefix "qn67"
QuickNotes, because of their small size, are available as collections only.

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All content is copyright � 2001 by CloudEight Stationery. All images used in the creation of this stationery collection are copyright � Bob Berendt and used with permission. Dragon Logo/Mascot is a trademark of CloudEight Internet Designs and was designed for CloudEight by Dennis Cox.

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