Quicknotes 53, Art of Penny Parker

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Welcome to Quicknotes 53: "Pergamano" Email Stationery Collection. "Pergamano" is the brand name for the large assortment of books, courses, tools and supplies for "parchment paper crafts." It is a relatively new creative hobby here in the U.S. To learn more about this art click here!  

The selections in this set are based on art one of our favorite and most requested artists, Penny Parker.  We hope you will take a moment to visit her online galleries, sign her guestbook and thank her personally  for sharing her art so that we could create email stationery!

Quicknotes are non-scrolling, non-musical email stationery and must still be used the same way as our regular stationery so that your margins and text color are preset. Click here to find out more about Quicknotes; includes tips on renaming for ease in finding what you want!

CloudEight's QuickNotes 53 "Pergamano"
All selections in this set carry the common prefix "qn53"
QuickNotes, because of their small size, are available as collections only.

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All content is copyright � 2002 by CloudEight Internet LLC. All images used in the creation of this stationery collection are copyright �Penny Parker and used with permission.You can contact CloudEight by sending email to cloudeight@thundercloud.net

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