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This collection features the art of Jim Warren

Our QuickNotes 155 Spirit of Imagination collection features the imaginative, award-winning art of Jim Warren. We are very pleased to to have had this opportunity to work with Mr. Warren again.

"Jim Warren is one of the most successful & versatile artists in the world today.

From the wild & whimsical to the sweet & sensuous, for over 40 years Jim Warren has been painting his way into the hearts and minds of people the world over. Already considered a "living legend of the art world", Jim continues to surprise and amaze.

Even if you are not familiar with the name Jim Warren, you have undoubtedly seen his art, in some form, at some time.

His work has been featured on hundreds of movie posters and book, record and magazine covers, most notably the Grammy Award Winning album cover he painted for Bob Seger's "Against the Wind" in 1981....

About this collection: Due to today's fast connection speeds and very large hard drives, we are no longer offering individual selections. The entire collection is only a few hundred kilobytes - you can download it in just a few minutes on dialup or few seconds on broadband connections. A few hundred kilobytes takes a miniscule amount of your hard drive space.

You can preview individual selections from this collection by clicking on the stationery design title below. You can download the entire collection (eight selections) by clicking the download links below. All selections have the prefix "imagination" to make them easy to find in your stationery folder. This collection is available for Outlook/Outlook Express, for Outlook Express only (advanced), for Windows Mail on Windows Vista and for IncrediMail. If you're using Windows Mail on Vista, you must download the Windows Vista/Windows Mail version.



QuickNotes 155
Spirit of Imagination - the art of Jim Warren

A Cloudeight Stationery collection
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This collection is also available as a Cloudeight Stationery collection with scrolling or music.
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All stationery designs are copyright 2010 by Cloudeight Internet LLC. Art used in this collection is copyright by Jim Warren and used with permission. Comments or questions? Please contact us.