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Welcome to our Autumn Stationery collection featuring designs by Denise of RedRoseStationery. As many of you know, RedRose has closed her email stationery site. She wanted to preserve the Redrose domain so that it was not taken over by unscrupulous search sites, adware sites, and the like, so she has given the domain to Cloudeight. We had many requests from fans of RedRoseStationery asking for some of her beautiful creations and we are so proud to be able to provide you with some selections hand picked personally by Denise herself.

Listed below are the titles of each of the 15 selections in this collection. This collection is available as single downloads from the individual preview pages only; we are not providing full collection downloads. Some do not have music; you will hear the music in the preview if it includes music. To see a full preview of each stationery design in this collection, simply click on its title. For easy identification of your stationery, look for the name of the selection in your stationery list after downloading. Use it the same way as you would any email stationery by Cloudeight.

RedRoseStationery Autumn Collection

Autumn Glow Bucket Seats Fall Color Fall Fairy Fall Foraging
Fall Greetings Fall Greetings 2 Fall Lake 2 Fall Lake 3 Happy Fall
Happy Fall Y'all October Leaves First Down School Days Welcome Fall

Special Note - We would also like you to read about Denise's (RedRose) campaign to help her little niece Erin. Erin was diagnosed with cancer at the age of four and is a focal part Denise's life.Click here to visit. Denise is very involved in campaigning to help Erin and other children with cancer.

You will find information and links to contribute to the National Children's Cancer Society (NCCS) from Erin's page, or you can Click Here to go directly to the NCCS.

If you'd like to read more about Denise, Red Rose Stationery, and Cloudeight, click here.

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