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Welcome to the Cloudeight  "American Cowboy: Art of Kenneth Wyatt"  screensaver for Windows.
Cloudeight would like to express our thanks to  Kenneth Wyatt Galleries, for allowing us to use his original  paintings to create this screen saver. Please take this opportunity to visit Kenneth Wyatt Galleries!.   You will have the opportunity to tour his art gallery as well as ordering information for paintings, prints, notecards based on his art, and other wonderful products!  We hope you will take this opportunity to sign Kenneth Wyatt Galleries guestbook by clicking here! 

Midi selections used in the creation of this screensaver feature original compositions by Bill Sandy of Mystifying Music.  Please visit his online studio and take a tour! Ordering information is also available for Musical Cdroms of his music.

Click Here to Download Cloudeight's "American Cowboy: Art of Kenneth Wyatt" Screensaver

The American Cowboy  Stationery Collection is available here.

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All content is copyright 2002 by CloudEight Internet Designs. Original art used in this screen saver is copyright  by Kenneth Wyatt, Kenneth Wyatt Galleries,  and are used by written agreement.  Visit Cloudeight at https://www.thundercloud.net  Music composed and sequenced by Bill Sandy. Copyright Bill Sandy. Cloudie Mascot logo is copyright 2001-2002 by Cloudeight (designed by Dennis Cox).