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The following Cloudeight Products are available now!. Each purchase you make helps us to continue to offer the Web's best freeware - without any spyware or adware.. Your support is very much appreciated!


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Our gift to our members is a new kind of screen saver called "Cloudeight Cubes". It's a very simple yet elegant screen saver that shows three dimensional cubes spinning on your desktop. You'll be amazed at the clarity and depth of this screen saver. This Cloudeight Cubes Screen Saver has a special Halloween theme. We hope you enjoy using it during the Halloween season!

Please click here to download our Halloween Cubes Screen Saver. It's our gift to YOU!

It's very easy to install and use. Simply follow the steps included in the installation text. To uninstall, click C:/windows and delete the file called "cubes-halloween.scr"

And, we have another Halloween Screen Saver for you too! This one is bit different and nothing like our other screen savers. This screen saver has a Halloween theme too!  This one features Halloween theme animations moving around the screen with an ever-changing Halloween background behind. We're hope you enjoy this fun screensaver too! Click on the image below or here to download our new Halloween Fun Screen Saver!

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Thanks to all of you for all the support you have given us! We hope you all have a very fun, happy, and safe Halloween!

So much more for members. Best of all it's free to join!

stationery | acpressions | funlettersquicknotes | screen savers | wallpaper | wonderscreens

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