The Anastasia Collection Download Page

The Anastasia Collection is available in both standard and advanced installation versions. For those new to our statonery we recommend the standard installation which installs the stationery to your default stationery directory. For those of you who have used CloudEight Stationery before and are going to be downloading a lot of our collections we recommend you choose the advanced installation which creates a new directory in your default stationery folder and installs each new collection into its own folder, making it very easy to find. As far as functionality, each version is identical. They both look and sound the same. The advanced installation is a convenience for those who are going to be downloading more CloudEight Stationery (which we hope is everyone! ).

Please click here to download the standard version of "Anastasia"

Please click here to download the advanced version of "Anastasia"

While you're downloading "Anastasia" why not take this opportunity to visit Anastasia's online gallery? You're all invited to visit her web site and view her beautiful artwork. Click here.

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CloudEight's "Anastasia Collection" is based on artwork by Anastasia, all of which is protected by U.S. and International copyright laws and treaties. CloudEight Stationery was granted permission by Anastasia to use her work in the creation of this collection.
All stationery designs in this collection are copyright �2000 by CloudEight Stationery
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