Lion Family
From "Before The Storm - The Art of Alan Ainslie"
Wildlife 9
Music composed and sequnced by Don Gilman
Design by Cloudeight Stationery
March 2005

Your support of the artists we feature is very much appreciated! This stationery designis based on original art by Alan Ainslie. Please visit Mr. Ainslie's online gallery by clicking here.

Music for this stationery design was composed and sequenced by Don Gilman. Please visitMr. Gilman's online studios here.

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This stationery design is copyright ę2005 by Cloudeight Stationery - all rightsreserved. This design is based on artwork copyright  ęby Alan Ainslie. AlanAinslie's art is used with written permission from the artist. Music used in thisstationery is copyright  ęby Don Gilman, and used with written permission.