Wonders of Nature - The Art of Richard DeWolfe

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Welcome to Cloudeight Stationery's "Wonders of Nature" stationery collection. This collection features the art of Richard DeWolfe. We hope that you will continue to support artists like Richard DeWolfe who so generously allow us to use their artwork as the basis for our stationery designs, so that we can share them with you. Please show your appreciation and support for Richard DeWolfe's talent and generosity, by visiting his online art gallery.

About our featured artist, Richard DeWolfe:
The Thousand Islands Region of Ontario was the perfect backdrop for a childhood filled with adventure for Richard DeWolfe, an artist who still identifies strongly with rural life. The forests, the fields, and of course the mighty St. Lawrence River, made the wonders of nature come alive for him.

Richard DeWolfe is a self-taught professional freelance artist working in both illustration and fine art. The art of Richard DeWolfe has been popular ever since his first one man show at the age of eighteen. That show was a sell out, supplying him with commissions for many months after. He went on to spend 25 years as an illustrator, producing paintings for national and international corporations such as General Motors, Pepsi Cola, Sears, Labatt's and Sony.

Show you care! Please take a moment and show your appreciation for Richard DeWolfe's talent and generosity by visiting his beautiful online gallery right now! He has a very large and beautiful collection of fine art on his web site...and you'll really enjoy browsing through it.

About Wonders of Nature:

Listed below are the titles of each of the eight selections in this collection. This collection is available as single downloads from the individual preview pages and as an entire collection from links on this page.  NOTE: Single selections are not available for Vista Windows Mail; you must install the full set.

To see a full preview of each stationery design in this collection, simply click on its title. For your convenience and easy identification of this stationery all files have the prefix "Wonders of Nature". We hope you enjoy this very unique Cloudeight Stationery collection!

Don't forget! Individual selections are available for Outlook and Outlook Express only. Those using Windows Vista / Windows Mail must download the entire collection from the links on this page. Thanks!

Wonders of Nature - The Art of Richard DeWolfe
A Cloudeight Stationery Collection

Click here to download "Wonders of Nature"

On The Wing Mother's Worry Peregrine Falcon Lost In Thought
Getting Acquainted Family Outing Red Canoe Algonquin Moonlight

Click here to download the full collection - "Wonders of Nature"
This collection is available for Windows Mail (Vista), Outlook Express, and Microsoft Outlook

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All stationery designs are copyright ©2008 by Cloudeight Internet LLC. Art used in this collection is copyright by Richard DeWolfe - all rights reserved. Art is used with the artist's permission. Comments or questions? Please contact us.