Cloudeight Stationery - Native American IV - The art of Detha Watson

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"Native American 4: Art by Detha Watson"
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This is the home page for our Native American IV stationery collection for Outlook Express and Windows Mail. This collection features the fine art of Detha Watson. We hope that you will all show your appreciation for Detha Watson's talent and generosity by visiting her online gallery.

About our featured artist Detha Watson
Detha Watson "works with both oil painting and bronze. Leaning Tree is currently producing greeting cards, featuring much of her art. Detha has a particular affinity for portraiture. She prefers to do her own photography whenever possible; visiting her subject's homes enables her to suggest the approach she feels will best reflect the individual.

For her, the process of painting, whether a character study, wildlife or portrait, is an intimate act of love involving herself, the subject and the painting. In the final result she wants a painting that will portray the inner as well as the outer beauty she perceives in her subjects."

About this stationery collection:
Listed below are the titles of each of the eight selections in this collection. This collection is available as single downloads from the individual preview pages and as an entire collection from links on this page.  NOTE: Single selections are not available for Outlook, Thunderbird or Windows Mail; you must install the full set.

To see a full preview of each stationery design in this collection, simply click on its title. For your convenience and easy identification of this stationery all files have the prefix "nac4". We hope you enjoy our latest Cloudeight Stationery collection!

Native American IV - Art by Detha Watson
A Cloudeight Stationery collection
Download the entire collection here.

Download the entire collection here.

This collection is available in QuickNotes stationery format as well. QuickNotes do not scroll or have music. Our QuickNotes version of this collection is here.

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All stationery designs are copyright ©2009-12 by Cloudeight Internet LLC. All artwork used in the stationery designs featured in this collection is copyright ©Detha Watson (all rights reserved). Art is used by Cloudeight Internet with written permission from the artist. Comments or questions? Please contact us.