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Our Faery Footprints stationery collection features the art of  James Browne . This is James Browne's fourth appearance on Cloudeight and we're very pleased to have this opportunity to work with him once again again. Please see our other collections featuring the art of James Browne - The Child Inside IThe Child Inside II and Baby Brownies.

About our featured artist - James Browne: "...My life with my muse, Nadine continues to be magical and there isn't a day that goes by when I don't think of the life I've been given and the gift I've been given to create. I thank the Lord for that. The road for me has just begun and there is still much to paint. I may need a faery or two to help me hold my brush when I am old and grey but in the meantime I will let the paint flow and the imagination soar. "I have a lifetime to paint, with a subject matter that is endless, with one goal in mind, and that is, to keep the child in all of us. "

If you need help using our stationery, please visit our award-winning Help Page. Also, for more information and answers to frequently asked questions, see our FAQ page.  Each stationery selection in this collection has the prefix "Faery-footprints" for your convenience in locating selections from this collection in your default stationery directory.

Faery Footprints -  The art of James Browne
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All content is copyright 2010-12 by Cloudeight Internet . Original art used in this collection is copyright  by James Browne and is used by written agreement.  We provide these stationery designs free for your personal and business use.  You may use the stationery freely but you may not alter the designs in any way. If you have any questions please contact us.