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Welcome to our: "Spring Breezes: The Art of Wendy Anne Olsen" collection home page.

We'd like to thank Wendy Anne Olsen for giving us permission to use her wonderfully refreshing artwork in this stationery collection. Please support Wendy Anne Bean by visiting her Web site and signing her guestbook. Wendy welcomes your comments!

Wendy has created artwork since she was a child but began working exclusively in watercolor in 1997 after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. "Although this disease slows down or stops much of my life, it has not diminished my passion for putting on paper my perception of what God has created. There is no particular theme found in my work. I paint the ordinary so that we may appreciate how extraordinary it really is."

Click below to preview each selection. All files in this collection have the prefix "wendy".

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We like to once again thank Wendy Anne Bean for her generosity in sharing her artwork with us! We hope you enjoy using this stationery. Please take a moment to visit Wendy's on-line gallery.

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Designs in this collection are based on artwork by Wendy Anne Bean. This artwork is copyright by Wendy Anne Olsen (all rights reserved). All stationery designs in this collection are copyright 2001 by CloudEight Internet Designs & CloudEight Stationery.