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click here to visit the Online Gallery of Jason Swain

Welcome! We hope you enjoy your journey into the art of Jason Swain. All of the artists who have shared their work with us deserve our thanks. Please show your appreciation for Jason's generosity by visiting his online gallery.

Listed below are the titles of each stationery design in "Journeys: The Art of Jason Swain" stationery collection. Simply click the title to see a full size preview of what the stationery will look like in your email.

We urge those of you who are new to our stationery or to computers to visit our help page to get simple instructions on how to use CloudEight stationery. All of our stationery has preset margins, contrasting font colors, and pre-set font styles, but only if you use it correctly.

A reminder: You can download the individual stationery from each preview page or the entire collection from the links on this page.

Click Here To Download "Journeys" Advanced Version
(For Outlook Express Only)

Click Here To Download "Journeys" Standard Version
(For Outlook or Outlook Express)

See more art by Jason Swain in our QuickNotes 34 Collection!
QuickNotes 34:The Art of Jason Swain

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All contents copyright � 2001 by CloudEight Stationery/CloudEight Internet Designs. Art featured in this stationery collection is copyright � by Jason Swain (all rights reserved) and is used with written permission.

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