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Wonderscreens Wallpaper by Cloudeight
Add something unique to your desktop with our Cloudeight exclusive Wonderscreens Wallpaper!

Cloudeight Wonderscreens
All of our newer WonderScreens are member's only selections. Join us! It's free!

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Cloudeight WonderScreens can be previewed and downloaded from this page. Each preview link opens a new window. When you're done previewing you can return to this page by closing the preview window. You can then download the Active Screen or go on to the next preview.

Before downloading, please read the instructions on how to use our WonderScreens on our help page. Notice: Due to the ongoing legal issues between Microsoft and Sun Micro, regarding Java, we are not able to offer additional support other then what is provided here and on our Help pages.

WonderScreens work great with Windows XP !
Can't see the images? Get Java Here. Note: Wonderscreens cannot be used with Vista.

Active Bubble
Preview | Download

Active Rural Snow
Preview | Download

Active Blue Sea
Preview | Download

Active Sky Race
Preview | Download

Active Behold
Preview | Download

Active Horses
Preview | Download

Active Moonlight Dreaming
Preview | Download

Active Space Dolphins
Preview | Download

Active Moon Dreams
Preview | Download  

Active Mystic Lady
Preview | Download

Active Halloween
Preview | Download

Active Happy Halloween
Preview | Download

Active Rainy Day
Preview | Download

Active Leaves
Preview | Download

Active Tiger
Preview | Download

Active Wolf
Preview | Download

Active Lightening Wolf
Preview | Download

Active Seascape
Preview | Download


Active Winter Scene
Preview | Download

Active Lions
Preview | Download
Active Oz
Preview | Download

Active Lost Love
Preview | Download

Active Wolves
Preview | Download

Active Eagle World
Preview | Download
Holiday Wonder Screens
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Welcome to Cloudeight WonderScreens: Active Desktop Wallpaper for Windows 98/Me/2000/NT/XP
Yes, our WonderScreens work with Windows XP if you have Java support in your browser.  Windows ME , 2000, and XP have Active Desktop enabled by default.  See our help page for more.  Note: Wonderscreens cannot be used with Vista.

What are "WonderScreens"?
WonderScreens are not screen savers, they are actually desktop wallpapers that are active. It may be scrolling, you may see snow falling, or any number of different effects. We try to mix them up

Who can use WonderScreens?
Anyone using Windows 95 / 98/ XP/ NT / ME / 2000 with Internet 4x or higher installed (regardless of default browser or email program) with Active Desktop enabled, can use WonderScreens.

What are the system requirements?
We recommend that you have at least 96 MB RAM and a 300 MHz Pentium MMX (or equivalent processor). The more RAM and the faster processor you have the better our WonderScreens will run.

Are all your WonderScreens Free?
Yes. Like all our stationery and our free screen savers, Cloudeight believes that the web is a place to share.

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Do you provide e-mail support for WonderScreens? We've updated our help page for WonderScreens. It should answer all your questions. We discontinued supporting Windows 95 as of 01/01/03. If you're using Windows 98/ME/NT/2000 or Windows XP our new help page should answer any questions you may have. Please visit our help page now.


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