Cloudeight Direct Computer Care Services
Cloudeight Direct Computer Care Services

We will connect directly to your Computer via the Internet to fix your computer problems or optimize your PC! You never have to leave your home or leave your computer with a stranger. You can watch while we fix your Windows computer. Our Cloudeight Direct Service is available Worldwide. We offer world-class computer care services from the company you trust.

We've been helping people with their computers for over a decade. We'll connect directly (and securely) to your Windows computer and help you with your computer problems, set up email accounts, install software, remove clutter, switch out your security programs for more efficiency, optimize your Windows system, and help you solve your computer problems, personally. When we connect directly to your computer - with your permission - you'll be able to watch as we work. We have hundreds of customer testimonials attesting to our service. We treat your computer as if it were our own. We make sure you're happy with the service you receive so you'll tell your friends and family members about us. Word-of-mouth is the best advertising money can't buy. 

We also offer a payment plan on season tickets for one year unlimited repairs - click here for details.

Cloudeight Direct Computer Care Services 
Cloudeight Direct Repair Key

One PC 
One Repair Session
$50 Learn more...
Cloudeight Direct Season Ticket
Sorry. No longer available.
Emsisoft Installation & Setup

Includes removal of current antivirus and one year Emsisoft license. $45 Learn more...
OE Classic Email Program Setup

 We'll install and set up OE Classic for you
$30 Learn more...
New Computer Setup & Customization

We'll set up your new Windows 10 PC for you, so it works like you want it to.  $35  Learn more...

SeniorPass -Annual Computer Care
Sorry. No longer available


Cloudeight Direct Computer Care Repair Keys
  • We can fix all kinds of computer problems - while you watch!
  • Slow computer? Computer Crashes? Unresponsive programs. We can fix it! We can make your computer run like you want it to.
  • We can remove viruses, Trojans, PUPs, Malware, rogues, and other infections
  • Grab a cup of coffee and watch as we repair your computer - you never have to leave your home.
  • Compare our price - we give you great service for a great low price.
  • Our Cloudeight Direct Computer Care Repair Keys never expire. They are good until you use them.
  • Read testimonials from satisfied Cloudeight Direct Computer Care customers
  • NOTE : We no longer provide support for Windows XP and Windows Vista Computers
  • Read our terms & conditions here

Emsisoft with Cloudeight Direct Installation

We'll remove your current antivirus completely and install and configure Emsisoft for best protection. With this service you'll get a 12-month Emsisoft license too (worth $39.95 retail). Our Emsisoft with professional installation and set-up is a great deal at just $45!

OE Classic Email Program Installation & Configuration Includes:
  • Note: You must purchase a license for OE Classic before ordering our setup service. Please see this page.
  • We'll set up your email accounts in OE Classic (up to 3 accounts) and configuring them correctly
  • All accounts will be set up as IMAP accounts so all mail messages and folders on your mail server(s) are displayed in OE Classic.
  • Configure font, images, window sizes and other settings so that OE Classic works more like the email program(s) you're used to using.
  • We will install approximately 300 Cloudeight stationery you can use in the OE Classic email program.

New Computer Set-up and Customization
  • Check over your Windows 10 installation to make sure everything is set up right,
  • Set your default programs & apps to your preferences and check to make sure they have all their defaults.
  • If you have an external hard drive - we'll set up File History backup and make sure it's working correctly
  • Check over Windows Update options, background apps, and Windows feedback settings for best performance & privacy
  • Install a Windows 7-style start menu for you, if you choose that option.
  • Service available for computers which were upgraded to Windows 10 or new computers with Windows 10 pre-installed.

Cloudeight Direct Computer Care  Information, Terms & Conditions

Read testimonials from satisfied Cloudeight Direct Computer Care Customers.

We've been on the Web since 1999. And we've been helping people with their computers since we started our online business. Before that we were helping our friends and families with their PCs. We've published a number of computer-help ebooks. We've been publishing computer tips and tricks newsletters since 2001. We've helped thousands of people with our newsletters and ebooks. Now with Cloudeight Direct Computer Care - we are able to help you directly.

1. Cloudeight Direct Computer Care means we connect directly to your computer. We will connect to your computer directly, only with your permission, to perform services required to fix your computer problems, set up email accounts, install software (with your permission), to clean and optimize your computer, or to perform any services you require or which are necessary based on our assessment of your computer and your requirements.

2. We do our best to keep your data safe. We will create a restore point before we do any work on your computer as a precaution. We will treat your computer as if it were our own, but we cannot be responsible, or held liable for any damage or loss of data. While we will use the utmost care to ensure that your data will be safe - we cannot, nor can anyone, make that guarantee. As always, we recommend you keep a full mirror-image backup (hard drive clone).

2. Cloudeight Direct Care Service Codes never expire - . One code entitles you to one service call. We'll perform the service you've requested to your satisfaction.

4. Cloudeight Direct Care Service is available worldwide. Our service is available to those using English-language versions of Windows only. We can help you with:  Windows 7 (all versions), Windows 8 (all versions) and Windows 10 (all versions).

5. High-speed Internet is required. In order to use Cloudeight Direct Computer Care service, you will need a broadband (high-speed) Internet connection such as cable, DSL, FiOS, or high-speed satellite. If you're using dial-up we won't be able to directly connect to your computer to help you.

6. What we can fix. We can help you with almost any computer-related problem. We can help you with software problems, setting up email accounts, and many other things. If your problem is a hardware problem we cannot assist you with that. If we discover your problem is hardware-related we will tell you and give you our advice.

7. What we do. In some cases we made need to install software on your computer to repair it or optimize it. In most cases we will use freeware programs. If you choose to have us do a complete image-based backup of your computer you will need to have an external or second internal hard drive with a capacity equal to or greater than the Windows drive. You will also need a blank DVD or CD-ROM and a CD/DVD/RW drive (most computers come with this type of drive). There may be cases where there are no freeware programs available to accomplish a repair task - in that case you can either choose to purchase the required program or not. In any case, any additional software required, if not free, is not included in our service. You will have the option of buying the required software or not.

8. We take every precaution to keep your data safe.... but we cannot be responsible for lost data. We take all the steps necessary to keep your data safe including creating a restore point (when necessary) before we begin helping you with your computer.

9. What you agree to: By purchasing Cloudeight Direct Care Service you indicate that you have read and agree to all of our terms and conditions.

Note: We cannot network computers together as it requires hands on for most types of network setups, nor do printer setup. Also, if your Windows update is not working, it is oftentimes a Microsoft issue and eventually is resolved by Microsoft. It can take hours to troubleshoot update issues, so we do not do this.

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Read testimonials from satisfied Cloudeight Direct Computer Care Customers.

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