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Why is Oops!Backup special?
Download a free trial - or save 10% right now on Oops! Backup

  • Backs up and keeps different versions of your documents, images & other files.
  • Mistakes such as saving over another file, deleting a complete document etc. are a thing of the past with the included BackInTime™ technology..
  • Keeps super-efficient backups with the innovative ReverseDelta™ technology that only backs up your changes.
  • Automatic operation means that you do not have to worry about forgetting to backup anymore.
With Oops!Backup you can go back in time to preview and easily restore different versions of your files. Mistakes such as saving over another file, deleting a complete document etc. are a thing of the past.

Get more information, see screen shots, read customer reviews, and/or download a free trial at

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Read our full review of Oops! Backup below:

A software review by Cloudeight
Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

We stumbled across this program about six weeks ago -- and we've been using it ever since. In fact, we liked it so much we contacted the company that makes it --Altaro -- and asked if they'd be interested in working with us on a promotion for our InfoAve readers. I don't think we've ever worked with a nicer or more responsive company. But you don't want to hear about that, you want to hear about the program, don't you?

Oops!Backup is a backup program unlike any other we've ever seen. By now you know that we never recommend piecemeal backups - we urge all our readers to do comprehensive drive clone (or image) backups, because it's the only way to totally recover from a major computer disaster without losing any data. But you don't want to run an image backup restoration just to recover a few missing or inadvertently changed photos, documents, or other files. It's like using a fire hose to fill your dog's water dish. I'm so wonderful at examples :)

InfoAve by Cloudeight

Oops!Backup is not a drive image backup program. It's not a piecemeal backup program. It's not a system restore program. It's''s different. Oops!Backup monitors whatever folders and files you choose for any changes that are made. It allows you to go back in time to any version of a file you're working on whether it be a photo, document, or any other type of file.

What impressed us was the unique, sensible. totally easy-to-use interface. I mean, how hard is it figure out what "Go back in time and restore" means? It's so easy to use, even those who are software-challenged can figure it out -- without ever needing "Help". No help needed -- but there is help available should you ever need it. And if our experience with this company is any indication, their customer support will be superb.

InfoAve by Cloudeight

I was going to write a long detailed article about Oops! Backup, but then I would be making a simple idea complicated. I have a knack for doing that sometimes. Let's put it this way: How many times have you been working on a file and saved it over the previous version of that file and as soon as you've saved it said, "OOPS!" (or worse?). We've all done that hundreds of times. And guess what? Once you've saved a file over the previous version with the same name -- you're not going to get it back....unless you have a program like Oops!Backup. And you can't have, because there are no other programs like Oops!Backup.

And before we bring on the developers of Oops!Backup to tell you more about their program, we can hear you all moaning, "Windows has System Restore". You're right it does. Try deleting a whole folder full of pictures and then running System Restore. Think those pictures are going to come back? Ha! System Restore only restores system files, registry entries and major changes to your computer - like executable programs and software installations. It's doesn't restore photos, documents or other types of files. Oops!Backup fills that gap, and it will fill you with a sense of serenity because you'll never have to worry about losing that wonderful Photoshop job you did on your loving cat, Fedora - when you accidently saved another, botched Photoshop job of Fedora over the original. You'll be able to go back in time and grab the old, nicely Photoshopped Fedora and bring her back to life (so to speak) and you'll still have your botched one too - so you can show your friends how Fedora used to look. Both versions will be there waiting for you - both Fedoras - bad and good. Fedora will love you and you'll love Oops!Backup.

Did we mention how easy it is to use? We did? Well, we're redundant if nothing else.

InfoAve by Cloudeight

Enough rambling. We think it's a great program and you can try it free. But, before we give you the awesome discount deal we've secured for our InfoAve subscribers, let's bring on the Altaro crew to tell you a little more about Oops!Backup:

"...Oops!Backup is no ordinary backup product: Thanks to its unique BackInTime™ technology Oops!Backup allows you to travel back in time to recover different versions of your important documents, photos or any other files. Oops!Backup is a hybrid backup and version control.

Unlike traditional backup products on the market today which simply permit you to recover a file, Oops!Backup enables you not only to recover that file – but it also offers the added benefit of allowing you to recover all past versions of that file!

Once you install and configure Oops!Backup, it runs in the background tracking the documents, photos and other files you are working with; when it detects any new versions of those files or changes within existing files, it will save a copy of those changes for you automatically, allowing you to reverse those changes back to any point in time!

Ease of use is a priority for Altaro. With Oops!Backup backing up and recovering deleted and old files is a breeze using its unique BackInTime technology...."

David from Altaro, has been kind enough to work with us to give all our InfoAve subscribers a 10% off discount -- plus a special low price on the Oops!Backup program. Of course, you're welcome to try Oops!Backup free - there's a fully functional 30-day trial available for you as well. To learn more about Oops!Backup, to get your special discount coupon for 10% off Oops!Backup, or to try the program free for 30-days, visit this page right now.

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