Cloudeight Backup 2018
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Reliable automatic complete system backups with rescue system - all part of our Cloudeight Direct Computer Care Backup service. We'll connect to your PC and set up a reliable image & file and folder backup - and create rescue media for you so that you can access your backups even if your hard drive fails.  Automatic backups and a rescue system set up for you. And our service includes a lifetime license for Ashampoo Backup Pro 11 (Read TC's review here)! Our complete backup service is available for just $30. Who knew peace of mind could be so inexpensive?

Our Cloudeight Backup Service includes:
  • Installation of Ashampoo Backup Pro 11 by Cloudeight Direct
  • Set up and configuration of Ashampoo Backup 11 for bulletproof reliability and best performance
  • A lifetime license for Ashampoo Backup Pro 11
  • Creation of USB, CD/DVD recovery media so you can access your backup even if your computer won't boot
  • All for just $30!

Cloudeight Complete Backup Service - Including Lifetime Ashampoo Backup Pro 11 License. $30

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You must have a 1TB (or larger) external hard drive available for us to set up the backup. You must also have a blank, writable CD/DVD or USB flash drive (2GB minimum)  available if you want us to create rescue media. Rescue media allows you to  boot your computer and recover data even if Windows won't start or if you have to replace your hard drive. In order to complete the backup and the recovery (rescue) media you'll need at 1 TB (or larger) external hard drive as well as a USB Flash Drive (2GB Minimum) or a blank, writeable CD or DVD disc.  Note: You'll find newer external hard drives are USB 3.0 while older ones are USB 2.0 . They will both work for backups, but USB 3.0 is much faster when it comes to transferring and copying data. If you have a choice, opt for USB 3.0 even though it may cost a few dollars more.

TC's Review

I've been on the lookout for a good backup program ever since I began to notice other backup systems having problems keeping up with Windows version updates. It seems most backup programs constantly annoy users by displaying arcane warnings or requesting user action. Most of the time these warning just confuse folks and they don't know what to do about them so the backups may stop or not even be usable if they were ever needed.

I had just about given up my testing when our friends at Emsisoft partnered with a company called Ashampoo.  Starting in November of last year Emsisoft had a special promotion offering Ashampoo Backup Pro 11 free with any purchase of Emsisoft Anti-Malware. Our friends at Emsisoft offered our readers the same deal for anyone who purchased Emsisoft through Cloudeight. Up until then, I had never even heard of Ashampoo® Backup Pro 11.

Well, in November I installed Ashampoo® Backup Pro 11 and tested it. I was so impressed by its features. The options it offers are just about everything I thought a backup program should have. I really liked the "Automatic Pausing". Whenever I was using my computer heavily, Ashampoo Backup Pro 11 would automatically pause so it would not affect my computer's performance. I really like the "Verify" backup feature which allows me to verify that my backups are usable without actually having to use a backup. I like the multiple backup options and really love the reports it generates. Ashampoo® Backup Pro 11 can create complete backups automatically in the background and users don't have to do anything.

After playing with settings for a couple of weeks, and running daily backups,  I decided that weekly backups would be best for me. I changed to weekly backups in late November. I took a couple of weeks off in December for Christmas so I didn't do much on my PC during that time.  When we got back to work in January, I happened to think about Ashampoo® Backup Pro 11. I hadn't heard anything from it, no notices, no warnings, no popups  - nothing. So I opened the program and checked. Week after week incremental backups were being created - all I had to do was look at the reports the program generates... 10 weekly reports. I can look at any report in detail, and verify any of the backups to make sure they're reliable.

I called Darcy and I told her - remember Ashampoo Backup? I just checked and it's working perfectly. I even forgot I had installed it back in November. And here, all this time, Ashampoo was working in the background, backing up my computer, and not a single problem or popup.

But this is just not my experience, our testers all gave us glowing reports. And that's why we decided to offer this backup service - every one needs to keep good backups - but too often it's too much hassle or too difficult. Not anymore.  I can honestly say, Ashampoo® Backup Pro 11 is the best backup software I've even seen. And when we set it up for you, we'll set it up right - so you'll never have to worry about backups again.

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