Make Windows 10 look and work like Windows 7
We'll make your Windows 10 computer look and work more like Windows 7.

Windows 10 Transformation Service $35

The end of Windows 7 is coming on January 14, 2020. Using Windows 7 after that date may put your computer at risk as Microsoft will no longer be sending security updates and fixes for it.
Whether you upgrade your Windows 7 to Windows 10 (still free) or buy a new Windows 10 computer, we can make you feel right at home on Windows 10 with our Windows Transformation service. We can make your Windows 10 look like this:
Above: Windows 10 or Windows 7?

Both screenshots are of a Windows 10 computer. It looks very much like a Windows 7 computer doesn't it?
With our Windows 10 Transformation service, we will:

If requested we will start the Windows 10 Upgrade process for you. Once the upgrade is complete, we'll come back an make your computer look & work more like Windows 7 by doing the following:
  1. Change the start menu back to Windows 7 classic style and include your favorite programs
  2. Change your taskbar and start menu colors to your preferences
  3. Add an authentic Windows 7 start button
  4. Add Windows 7 Wallpaper (if desired)
  5. Change Windows 10 File Explorer so it works more like Windows 7's Windows Explorer
  6. Add My Computer -- and other familiar Windows 7 icons -- to your desktop (if desired)

Windows 10 Transformation Service $35

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PLEASE NOTE: Most Windows 7 computers can be upgraded to Windows 10 without problems. But we make no guarantee that your Windows 7 computer can be upgraded to Windows 10. Outdated hardware, BIOS, or processor may prevent you from upgrading your computer. We will do our best to get your Windows 7 computer upgraded and will make a second attempt.