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All of our stationery and software is 100% guaranteed to be virus free!  For more help/FAQ/information on virus, be sure to visit our Virus FAQ/Alert page by clicking here!

Only a few people have ever received false virus detection on our site, out of over ten million+ users each year who have downloaded from our pages. Each of these were resolved with the company producing the defective virus definition files, along with a letter of apology to both us and the person that received the false definitions. Corrected updates were immediately made by the distributor as well.

There are no known defective virus scanners at this time.

December 1999: PROTECT by eSafe Technologies is now recommended. The company that produces this program was very responsive and helpful and we thank them for working with us! You can download PROTECT by eSafe Technologies at the following location: A special thanks to Jeff from eSafe. He has been very helpful!


Norton Anti-Virus, PC-Cillin, PANDA Anti-virus, McAfee, HouseCall, Quick Heal, and virtually every other trusted and proven MAJOR anti-virus software report no false positives. We are pleased to add Protector Plus by Proland Software and eSafe's PROTECT to the recommended list. They have repaired the error in their software products (this was in 1999) and have been cooperative with CloudEight. You may download the latest versions by clicking on the red links above.

Anti-Virus programs are an important part of your internet experience and we highly recommend that you not trust your PC to unproven virus scanning software. Many of the major companies offer free trial versions, or free versions of their scanning software and we recommend that you download one of these proven programs. Accurate virus scanning is essential on todays internet. CloudEight uses McAfee, Quick Heal, HouseCall, and now Protector Plus and eSafe's Protect, to insure that the files you download from us are completely free from virus infection.

There is no chance a virus could be hiding in the type of files we distribute, as they are simply a htm, a mid (music) and a jpg (picture) and are not capable of containing a virus.

Our stationery is featured on several top software, shareware and freeware sites to include winfiles, davecentral, tudogs, thefreesite, freeware home, newapps software archive, passtheshareware, and several others. None of these places would allow virus infected software neither.  We have been featured in numerous magazines, publications and television broadcasts as well.

All our files are scanned for virus not only by us, but by our beta testers. We use the most current virus scanning technology, and our web hosting company uses the latest virus scanning technology as well scanning our servers continuously.

If the virus program you are using is giving you a false alarm, we will gladly follow up with the company that makes your virus protection program.

We will need the following information:

1. The exact "virus" warning that was falsely detected
2. The name of the virus program
3. The version of the virus program

CloudEight is, by far, the most popular email stationery site on the Web.  With every stationery we make, we make a committment to you to provide you with top quality, easy-to-use, email stationery. Our installation program, makes no changes to your Windows registry and no changes to your system files. It is safe as well as fun to use. With our committment to providing the Web's best email stationery we can assure you that we would never allow infected files to sit on our server.

If you encounter such false report, please forward the information to us at  and we will assist you.

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