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Cloudeight Virus Alerts, FAQ and Information Page
Last Updated Wednesday, June 05, 2013


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Welcome to the Cloudeight's Virus Alert and information page. We'll keep you up-to-date on new Viruses/Trojans/Worms circulating around the Internet that may affect you and tell you how to protect your computer from these malicious files.  

Virus Information FAQ
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  1. I have virus protection, shouldn't I be well protected?

  2. Does keeping my Internet Explorer/Outlook Express updated, help to further protect my system?

  3. I don't have protection, or I want extra protection; are there any free programs that you recommend?

  4. Is there a way to check to see if I am infected, in case I am and don't know it?

  5. How can I learn more about viruses and trojans?

We all have to work together to rid the Internet of the menace that these and other Viruses, Trojans, and Worms cause. If we're all careful, and all do our part, we can put a halt to those who have nothing better to do that try to ruin people's computers by writing malicious code and spreading it via vulnerable email programs and trusting Internet users.

Here at CloudEight we rely on three Anti-Virus programs, which we update daily. Our servers are protected by the latest protection software and anti-virus, anti-Trojan programs and patches. We take care so that anything you download directly from us is always safe for you and your computer. 

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  • Question #1 Answer:    Many of you have anti-virus software. Maybe it came with your computer, maybe you bought it some time ago. Did you know that if you don't update it at least once per week you may not be protected at all?  If you use Norton, McAfee, PC-Cillin, Panda, or other popular anti-virus software, it is essential that you check with the manufacturer's Web site often and check for the latest "definitions" or updates. An anti-virus program which is not frequently updated may offer you little or no protection at all. So keep your anti-virus software updated at least weekly! If you can set your virus protection to automatically check for updates daily, we recommend you do so.    

  • Remember, one of the most IMPORTANT things you can do to protect yourself is to NEVER open attachments in email! Have a friend warn you well ahead of time that they have something for you, and that they are sending in mail so that you are absolutely sure it is something meant for you!

  • Keeping your browser and email program, as well as windows updated helps to protect you as well!

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  • Question #2 Answer:  You can protect yourself even more by upgrading your older Internet Explorer/Outlook Express to version 6.0. Version 6.0 offers many security improvements over previous versions. For example, a virus/worm/trojan will NOT automatically install if you are just "previewing" an email and/or a web page with malicious code.  You can download Internet Explorer 6.0 free from Microsoft by going to   When you update, your mail will automatically be imported (saved) to the new version. There is one change you may need to make so that your stationery scrolls: Open your mail program and go to Tools, then Options, then choose the Security tab. You must be set to "Internet Zone."         ***Click here to return to top of page****




  • Question #3 Answer:  If you have no anti-virus program at all, or you want to run two programs for extra protection, you can get an excellent one called AVG absolutely free (if you live in the United States) by visiting          ***Click here to return to top of page****







  • Question #4 Answer:  You may be infected and not know it. If you're using Internet Explorer versions 5.5 (not patched) Internet Explorer 5.01, 5.0, or 4.72, and you have not updated your anti-virus program in the last few days, you are at risk. To make sure your system is clean, you can do an online virus scan, free-of-charge, at  (Provided free by Trend Micro).


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  • Question #5 Answer: Make a point of learning more about malicious programs (viruses, Trojans, and worms) by bookmarking the following page. It's a great source of information and the more you know about these types of files the safer you'll be! Visit and when you get there, bookmark it and visit it often. You'll be glad you did! And tell you friends to learn all they can about Viruses. The more we help each other the safer the Internet will be for all of us!      ***Click here to return to top of page****


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