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Welcome to The Cloudeight Help Page!

Please refer to this section before writing to us for assistance as most questions are answered right here. If you are still unable to find the help you need, contact us by clicking here

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  • Stationery Help  Includes help for those using Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Incredimail and Thunderbird.
  • Stationery FAQ Page Answers to most commonly asked questions regarding use of our stationery or problems you may be having including compatibility, stationery not working, pictures not showing up, etc.  Please refer to the questions on this page before writing for assistance.
  • Quicknotes Stationery: Everything you ever wanted to know, and more! Includes tips on renaming and reorganizing for ease in finding the ones you want!
  • Download Instructions Includes help with how to download, download problems or errors, and download options.
  • Newsletters and Members Help Page Problems Receiving Newsletters, Address changes, Joining Cloudeight and Membership Information.    Having problems receiving our Newsletters? Click here for assistance.
  • Screensaver Help How to download/install, use, change settings, and uninstall Cloudeight screensavers as well as troubleshooting tips.
  • Wonderscreens Help Covers instruction on how to use, troubleshooting tips, and other useful information. 
  • Wallpaper Help Instructions and FAQ on how to use, save, and change wallpaper. Includes assistance for Mac users.
  • Problems with Sound Covers most issues with sound, including problems with hearing our music when sending stationery, or problems with hearing midi sounds in general.  Music will only embed in Outlook Express and Windows Mail.
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Cloudeight Help Page - Cloudeight Home - Information Avenue - NotOverTheHill - Contact Us

Cloudeight Direct Computer Repair   

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