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How to Download (Download our screensavers, wonderscreens, quicknotes and other files this way too for easy setup!)  

See FAQs below if you are having problems downloading. You do not have to download our wallpaper. Refer to our Wallpaper Help and FAQ page for assistance with Wallpaper


General Download FAQs

A Note About Real Player If you have Real Player installed on your computer, it was recently automatically updated to version 8 (or higher).Quite possibly without your knowledge, Real Download was also installed on your computer. We don't agree with such tactics but have no control over what REAL does with their software. It's important for you to know that we do not allow "Download Assistants" such as Real Download on our servers. They cause others to suffer slower downloads, use excessive bandwidth, and cause other problems with Web servers. Many sites are now prohibiting the use of such tools and more will follow in the near future. We think it's important for you to know that Real Download may have set itself as your "default" downloader, (without your knowledge). You must disable Real Download before you can download successfully from our site or just hold down the control ("Ctrl") key on your keyboard when you click the link. Your web browser will handle the download as if RealDownload wasn't even there.

A Note About Quicktime: Quicktime also installs extra programs without your knowledge. While you may need or want Quicktime Player, you most likely don't want the extra programs installed with it by default (Quick Download among others). If you've already installed QuickTime and it installed other programs without your knowledge, you may not be able to download from CloudEight without experiencing the following error "Plug-in failed to initialize". It's important to remember that no plugin is ever required to download from CloudEight. It is an error in your QuickTime installation that is causing this. There are two solutions, uninstall QuickTime and download the latest version, being very careful to select only the QuickTime Player application and not allowing it to install other program or become associated with anything other than QuickTime files (it will want to associate itself with MP3 and MIDI files among other things). The other solution is to right click the download link (on the download page itself) and select "Save Target As" and download the CloudEight file to your desktop and install it by double-clicking it.

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 What is the difference between Open and Save, and why do we recommend Run or Open? Click Here for an explanation

Run or Open means you are installing from the web without having to download the exe file, find where you downloaded it, doubleclicking to setup and then deleting the exe that you no longer would need. Only use this feature if you trust the site you are at!
Save means you are downloading the file to a folder on your hard drive. If you are getting a program that you want to keep the download file for safe keeping, for instance, if you were to purchase our downloadable Smileycons program, you would want to save the EXE file to your desktop or a folder of your choosing, click to install, then save the exe (the setup file) for use later in case you format (copy or save the exe file to a CD ROM for safe keeping).
We recommend choosing "run or open" so that our stationery installs automatically and is all ready to go. There is no need to save the exe unless you are on a very slow connection, plan to format in the near future, and want to save for that reason. Exception: If you are using Outlook 2007 on Vista, you can only use Quicknotes and you will need to save the file to your desktop, right mouse click and install as administrator.


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