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How to download, install and use Cloudeight stationery on Windows 7 using the Mozilla Thunderbird email program   Windows 7 / Thunderbird email program.  We cannot provide email support for this.

Thanks Bob's work and dedication to finding a way to use existing Cloudeight Stationery in Mozilla Thunderbird, Widows 7 users now have another option besides Windows Live Mail and IncrediMail - and that's Mozilla Thunderbird. Bob is a long time member and subscriber to Cloudeight.

For those of you who are using Windows 7 and who miss Outlook Express, Thunderbird comes closer to Outlook Express than any other email program. It looks and feels a lot like Outlook Express. The only thing it lacked was a feature that enabled the use of stationery. Bob has solved that problem by using a free add-on that adds basic stationery functionality to Thunderbird. You won't be able to see scrolling or hear music - but the stationery looks great. And since you use the existing Windows Vista version of our stationery in Thunderbird - you'll have over 3000 stationery choices.

The first thing you'll need to do before you proceed with this tip is to install Mozilla Thunderbird on your computer, and set it up. It's an easy set up - it will import your email accounts and settings from your current email client during the setup.

You can read more about Mozilla Thunderbird - and download it from this URL:

The rest of this tip was written by Bob P. and we're very grateful to him for putting this together and sharing it with us. We have both tested this tip and it works great on our Windows 7 computers. Thanks again, Bob. We think you're going to make a lot of people very happy with your tip.

Downloading & Installing Stationery Add-On in Thunderbird

1. Downloading the stationery add-on

To download the Stationery add-on for Thunderbird, go to Mozilla Add-Ons page— and click “Download Now.”

2. Installing the add-on

To install this (or any other) extension in Thunderbird, click on "Tools"> "Add-ons" menu. It will open "Add-ons Manager" window. Select Stationery, Click on Install button at bottom of screen and follow directions.

Note: Initially, Install button may be disabled, and will enable itself after 3 seconds. This is a security measure, to prevent malicious programs installation.

After you click Install , extension will be installed. After successful installation, you should see “To finish installation just click on Restart Thunderbird button."

After restart, you should see some changes in main Thunderbird toolbar buttons—“Write”, "Reply", "Reply All" and "Forward" now are split, drop down buttons. If you click on drop-down arrow, new menu will open, with Stationery options.

Below, I have shown how to download, install and use Cloudeight stationery with this Stationery add-on.

3. Using the Thunderbird stationery add-on

 --- Go to Cloudeight website and download VISTA stationery. Click on Download (Name of Collection) Stationery Collection – Windows Mail\Windows Vista Only. This will be a folder containing multiple files.

---  Go to Downloads on computer and find the stationery installer you just downloaded.

---  Double click this download to install. It will install to the following default location:

C:\users\Your User Name\App Data\Local\microsoft\windows mail\stationery\cloudeight\Name of Collection

--- Open Thunderbird.

--- Click the down Arrow to right of “write”.

--- Click “Other Stationery”. This will open the window “Select Template File”.

--- The Stationery just downloaded may be shown in this window. If not, double click on Cloudeight in path at the top of the screen. The Cloudeight window will list all of the collections that have been installed on the computer. Double click on the collection desired. On the window that appears, find the specific file wanted and double click. This will send it to Thunderbird.

--- To use stationery, Open Thunderbird Inbox. Click on the down arrow to right of “Write”. Click on desired stationery to bring it to top. Click “Write” to open a “compose” window complete with selected stationery.

--- User has the option to select Without Stationery in same manner if desired.

This all works as shown on my computer. I would assume it will work the same on any other computers that have Windows 7 Home Premium installed.

It works great on our computers too, Bob. Thanks so much for putting so much time and effort into this.



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