Alphabetizing Your Favorites

The quickest way to sort your Favorites alphabetically and to keep them sorted that way is by using our Zappit program.  But, there are other ways too...

While you can sort / alphabetize favorites from within your browser - we're going to show you another way that is handier and quicker. Since, you're going to have to periodically alphabetize your favorites (because new ones you add after you've already alphabetized the list new favorites will be added to the bottom of the list and not in alpha order) we suggest the following way to keep your Favorites Folder in alphabetical order.

First, if "Favorites" does not already appear on your start menu, let's put it there. Right-click on your Start Button, choose "Properties" then click the "Advanced Tab" (at the top). Now, scroll through that dialog and tick the box next to "Favorites" - the click "Apply/OK". Easy so far, right? Now it gets even easier! Click your start button and find "Favorites" (it will have a yellow star icon next to it). Click to open it, and move your mouse over to the list of Favorites and right-click. From the menu which appears choose "Sort By Name". There you go, you're alphabetized in a flash. Since "Favorites" is now on your start menu you can repeat this tip as often as you like and sort your Favorites without opening Internet Explorer and with just a few quick clicks.

For you purists out there, itching to write us and tell us an "easier" way, OK we'll include the "purist's way":  Open Internet Explorer and hold the Shift key down while selecting Favorites / Organize Favorites. This will show all your favorites and can make it easier to sort them. If you're using Windows XP you can right click and choose "Sort by Name" to put them in alphabetical order.

To learn more ways of organizing your Favorites folder see our Organizing Your Favorites Folder Tutorial.

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