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Welcome to page two of our Freeware Hall of Fame. The programs listed below are programs that we've tested and have recommended in our newsletters. They've passed all our rigorous tests and most of all they've passed the test of time. None of the programs listed below contain any spyware, adware, trickware, badware, nastyware, hijackers, Trojans, viruses, worms or anything else bad for you or your computer. The author or developers don't ask for you computer in return for using these programs - in other words they are truly free. Before downloading anything recommended on this page, though, please do read our software disclaimer. Not all computers are alike and not all computers are maintained the same.

Our Freeware Hall of Fame - Page 2

WinPatrol (Free Version)
WinPatrol works in two ways. First, when you install a program and it tries to add an icon to the tray at boot-up, you'll get a WinPatrol warning--and a way to nip it in the bud (or kill and remove it afterward). That's important for programs such as AOL, Apple's QuickTime, and RealPlayer, all notorious for adding junk icons. WinPatrol also enables you to stop programs such as Adobe Acrobat that insist on running useless, daily version-update checks; and it prevents programs from changing file extensions willy-nilly. WinPatrol can help prevent spyware, adware, and other unnecessary and unwanted programs from taking over your computer. Indeed, WinPatrol is a MUST HAVE. To learn more about and/or to download WinPatrol, please click here.

Context Magic (Explorer Extension)
Context Magic is a Windows Explorer shortcut menu extension that greatly extends functionality of the standard Send To menu and allows to manage files and folders with a few mouse clicks. To bring it up, just right-click a file or folder in the Windows Explorer, and point to Context Magic in the pop-up menu. Context Magic makes working with file and folders (moving, copying, changing, etc.) a snap. It's another software tool that we wouldn't be without. One of the first programs that we install on any new computers we get. Visit this page to learn more about and/or to download "Context Magic".

WinDriversBackup (Backs Up All Installed Drivers)
WinDriversBackup can identify all of your Windows driver files and save them to a secure location in two simple mouse clicks. WinDriversBackup will back up ALL installed drivers and place them in one location (preferably on a CD-ROM, DVD, or flash drive - because it does you no good to save them on the same hard drive that Windows is on). This program will save you a lot of grief when you can't find the drivers disk that came with a hardware device - or, when the worst happens, and you need to reinstall Windows or format your hard drive and reinstall Windows. This free program is no longer available from the developer, most likely due to lack of support. We've saved the installation file and uploaded it for you. Please remember that the developer no longer supports this product and the license included with the program specifies that it is for home/personal use only. All that being said - it's the best free driver backup program out there - that's why it's here.

Download WinDriversBackup and be sure to read the excellent help files that are included with the program.

PhotoFiltre (Complete Graphics Editor)
Before you fork over $100.00 or more for a photo-editing program or graphics editor, you might want to try this free one. It has many of the same features as photo editors costing $100.00 or more yet this program is free and continues to be improved by its author. Almost everyone rates this program as top-of-the-line and so do we. For a free program it is tremendous. Here's the author's decryption:

"PhotoFiltre is a complete image retouching program. It allows you to do simple or advanced adjustments to an image and apply a vast range of filters on it. It is simple and intuitive to use, and has an easy learning curve. The toolbar, giving you access to the standard filters with just a few clicks, gives PhotoFiltre a robust look."

Free for home/personal use only. Get more information about PhotoFiltre here. Download it from this location.

(Notepad replacement)

Metapad is a small, fast (and completely free) text editor for Windows 9x/NT/XP with similar features to Microsoft Notepad but with many extra (and rather useful) features. It was designed to completely replace Notepad since it includes all of Notepad's features and much, much more.

Free!  Get more information about Metapad here. Click Here to download! 

ieSpell (Spellchecker)

"ieSpell is a free Internet Explorer browser extension that spell checks text input boxes on a webpage. It should come in particularly handy for users who do a lot of web-based text entry (e.g. web mails, forums, Blogs, diaries). Even if your web application already includes spell checking functionality, you might still want to install this utility because it is definitely much faster than a server-side solution. Plus you get to store and use your personal word list across all your applications, instead of maintaining separate ones on each application."

"The program installs as a new button in the IE toolbar (as well as a new menu item under "Tools") - after filling in a form, just hit the ieSpell button and it pops up a dialog, similar to the MS Word spell check. ieSpell also works (right-click menu only) on other IE based browsers such as SlimBrowser, CrazyBrowser, MSN, MyIE, etc.It's free for personal use only. All other use requires a commercial license."

Free! Get more information and/or download ieSpell by clicking here.

Belarc Advisor

The Belarc Advisor builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware, missing Microsoft hotfixes, anti-virus status, CIS (Center for Internet Security) benchmarks, and displays the results in your Web browser. All of your PC profile information is kept private on your PC and is not sent to any web server.
  • Operating Systems: Runs on Windows 95/98/Me, NT 4, Windows 2000, XP and Windows Server 2003.
  • Browsers: Requires IE 3 or Netscape 3, and higher versions. Also runs on Opera, Mozilla, and Firefox.
  • File size: 956 KB.
  • License: The license associated with this product allows for free personal use only. Use on multiple PCs in a corporate, educational, military or government installation is prohibited. See the license agreement for details.
  • Get more information about the Belarc Advisor and/or download it free by clicking here.

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