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Curse Those Boring Cursors?
Windows XP Home and Professional

(This tip was suggested by a question from Pam who asked: "Are there any good, safe, non-adware programs out there for cursors?  I am still using the Santa Clause from Microsoft at Christmas.  I noticed that when I checked out your tutorial about thumbnail views that there was a Google ad for a couple of cursor programs.  One was Cursor Cafe and the other was Best Free Cursors.  I can hardly wait for your Ok because I am tired of Santa." )

Cursor Cafe is a very questionable product. Best Free Cursors was part of which is now out-of-business. Briefly, Cursor Cafe comes with Starware Toolbar (this is the catch and how they make money by making you a pawn). Here is an excerpt from their "Privacy Policy" also offers the optional Starware Toolbar featuring the button. The Starware Toolbar is provided by Starware and comprises a web browser toolbar with web search assistant and travel search assistant functionality (collectively, the "Toolbar"). The Toolbar provides useful, convenient and fun services that enhance your web browsing experience ("Toolbar Services"). Examples of Toolbar Services include Web Search, Dictionary, and Travel Search. (Note from EB- This really makes me angry, they are making it sound like having information gleaned from you is "FUN") The Starware Toolbar privacy policy can be read here.

Some Starware Toolbar Services provide links to partner websites that are neither owned nor controlled by (e.g. the Starware Travel Search service links to, and are governed by the privacy practices of those partners. Please take the time to carefully read the privacy policies of those partners when visiting their websites.

While they say optional toolbar, you'll find it hard to not install it. So the use of the word "Optional" is questionable. Once installed your search results will be skewed by showing all paid advertisers (disguised as "search results") first. Meaning no matter what search engine you choose, you'll have to wade through a bunch of paid links to get any relevant search results. This type of scheme is now becoming vogue among adware/spyware developers trying to escape the wrath of the recently awakened press. This is how "FunWebProducts" (AKA MyWebSearch, MySearch, Ask Jeeves, SmileyCentral, etc) make money with their "products".   A new twist on an old game, but the people who use these kinds of programs are still pawns.

Windows comes with several different cursor sets (called "mouse pointers" in Windows' parlance). Three sets stand out. One is called "Dinosaurs" one is called "Old Fashioned" and one is called "Conductor". To learn how to access these and use them as your cursor set (mouse pointer set) see our tutorial - click here.

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