Faith Wants Us To Reprise Our Article About How To Improve Slow "Startups"
Hi. Some time ago, you had a great article about what to do about a slow startup PC. Can you send me this information? Thanks.

(Faith's browser tags with her IP address removed to protect her privacy -  HTTP_USER_AGENT: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; FunWebProducts; .NET CLR 1.1.4322) ).

How long have you been reading InfoAve, Faith? The first thing we noticed from your browser tags was that you have SmileyCentral/FunWebProducts installed. We've cautioned our readers ad museum about the system-clogging effects of this nuisance bundle of adware and browser and search engine hijackers. Currently, FunWebProducts (AKA SmileyCentral, et. al. ) installs a bundle of twelve or thirteen programs, all of which use system resources and all of which, by default, start with Windows. This places a severe hit on your Windows system resources and puts your computer behind the eight ball (sorry EB) before you even start using your computer. Additionally, FunWebProducts practice is to install additionally applications which may be anything FunWebProducts wishes to install on your machine. This is done without explicit permission from you. It is done under the guise of "updates". While you might not give them explicit permission to put new software on your computer, without your knowledge, each time they install new software on your computer;  you did give them permission: you gave them permission when you installed FunWebProducts/SmileyCentral in the first place. Yes, indeed you did. It's right there (buried deep) in the EULA, terms of service, etc.; but you probably, like most people never read the entire license agreement or terms of use or terms of service. So, installing things on your computer without your explicit permission and without you knowledge, is perfectly legal because you've already given them permission to do so. That you just probably don't know, is not germane.

Here are links to the articles we've featured in previous editions that are related to speeding up your computer and kicking up your Windows startup a couple notches:

"Things You Must Do To Ensure A Faster Computer"

Is Your Computer Slowing Down?

Virtual vs. Physical Memory

Finally, Faith, you need to get FunWebProducts off your computer if you ever want your computer to run faster again. The longer you leave it on your computer the slower your computer will become. While it is not the only thing you need to do, removing FunWebProducts is a giant leap toward a faster computer. The problem is, simply going to Add or Remove Programs in your Control Panel won't get rid of FunWebProducts entirely. You'll need a good anti-spyware application to do the job thoroughly. We recommend Spyware Doctor and use it on all our personal computers. You can do a free spyware scan with Spyware Doctor (all of you reading this can too!) by clicking on the green button below:

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It's the spyware protection we use on our personal PCs


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