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Hi everyone,

Welcome to Issue #247 of Cloudeight Information Avenue. Thank you for subscribing. We appreciate your support very much! Thank you very much for trying the products we test, recommend and endorse.

You can find answers to your computer questions or get help from our Information Avenue ForumSubmit your favorite computer tip or trick and win prizes! If we choose your tip or trick from those submitted during the week you win!  You can send us your comments or submit questions for possible inclusion in future issues of Information Avenue by clicking here. Keep in mind we can't answer each of you personally, but all questions submitted are read and considered for inclusion in Information Avenue.

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We are very pleased to introduce our best e-book ever! Our InfoAve Premium E-book Volume III, The Third Year, contains all the tips, tricks, questions/answers, Freeware Picks, Web Site Picks, Back to Basic Tips, Your Favorite Rants, Reader's Tips, and more, from the third year of InfoAve Premium. And all content is categorized into chapters. This e-book is specially designed for easy navigation, printability, and ease-of-use. This e-book contains all issues of InfoAve Premium issued from October 2005 to October 2006.

What is an E-Book? An E-Book is a book you read on your computer. Instead of a paper book it's an electronic book. It includes bookmark and Search feature. Search feature makes finding things so much easier and is an excellent resource for all the information provided in our Premium Newsletter during its third year.

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This Week's Rant

We Ask Ask Why

What happens when brand name companies cheat and deceive consumers in their quest to be number one? Well, one thing, you and I, the consumer lose. This week our resident ranter rants about a major, front-line company who insists on targeting children and deceiving consumers in their quest to catch Google. Who loses? You? Don't really care? You should because if this sort of thing isn't stopped, others big companies will forego ethics and morality in their quest for corporate riches. Read "We Ask Ask Why" by visiting this page.

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This Week's Questions and Answers

Kelly's Getting A New Computer
I have heard a lot of bad comments about Dell and Gateway in your newsletters.  I am needing to buy a new computer. (As I have Windows 98 and want something that will work with an Ipod.)  What kind on computer do you suggest for your subscribers.

Our Answer

So many choices and prices are at all time lows - plus a new Windows operating system is coming soon. What a great time to buy a new computer for yourself or for a Christmas gift. But, how do you know you're going to get what you pay for? What's the best computer for the money? Are the brand names really the best? What about Dell? What about HP/Compaq? Ever heard of "Alienware"? We go all out to answer Kelly's question about buying a new computer. We think you'll find our answer informative, honest, and in-depth. So please please visit this page to read our answer to Kelly.

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Dave Rebuilds After Crash
Thanks for your hard work! You once had a link to a program that would allow you to print a list of the files in your directories or the directory tree itself. My HD crashed and I lost the program. It was a nice freebie I think. Thanks! Dave

Fortunately, what Windows lacks (so far) in directory printability, software designers have tried to fill in the gap. Unfortunately, most of the gap-filling software that prints directories with several print options are not free. Fortunately we know of a good one that is.

One is called "Print Folder 1.02" which you can download here. Another one is called "YourDir" which you can read more about and download by clicking here. Both of these programs are freeware and they'll let you print out the contents of any drive or folder you specify with a variety of print options and configurations.

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- Clone your hard drive to a new one

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Reader's Tip Of The Week Submitted By Karla

Karla's Tip: Whenever you are filling out a Web form that has a drop down list of states, just click on it, to highlight it, then hold down the shift key, then keep tapping the beginning letter of the state you want, it will go alphabetically through those states. When you have the state you want, just stop tapping the letter key. This works great for me, since I'm always wanting one of the "M" states. It works well for those that are down at the bottom of the list alphabetically too! This trick also works for countries, and most any kind of drop down worded lists. Thanks, Karla

Thank you, Karla. For those of you who live in states nearer the bottom of the alphabet, this is a really handy tip. And our own EB adds another little secret to this tip. Once you're in the drop-down list of states, you can actually move through the list with with your mouse wheel
or use your up/down arrow key to go through the list. Do you have a tip or trick you would like to share with our readers? Send it to us by clicking here. If we use your tip, you'll win a great prize!

InfoAve Site Of The Week


This week instead of choosing a "Freeware Pick Of The Week" for our free InfoAve Subscribers, we're featuring a favorite site. Our Freeware Pick Of The Week feature will return next week.

We've always thought that Steve at WorldStart was a smart guy. He's got a great site, some great newsletters, and he, like us, fights for the good of his readers and site visitors. Well the other day, Steve proved he is a wise man - beyond doubt :-) In one of his recent newsletters he featured Cloudeight Stationery . And, you know for sure when Steve writes erudite articles like that, he really knows his stuff!

So, one good deed deserves another and we've been meaning to do this good deed for a long time. But, you know how it goes: You get busy with things and you forget to do what you should have done. Before, we get off on a convoluted tangent here, let's just say Steve's site is full of great information and he's very much respected by us and the Internet community.

Steve offers a Windows newsletter and tips and tricks. His site has a lot of really great resources. But, instead of filling this space with more praise and hyperbole, the best way for you to see what WorldStart is all about is to go there, right now, and take a look and see for yourself. While you're there you might want to sign up for Steve's free newsletters - because there's lots of great tips/tricks and computer information in them as well as on the pages of WorldStart Web site. Don't worry - you can't learn too much! Just like you can't live too long. Anyone who uses a computer should never stop learning. Especially those who think they know it all? Did you hear that EB?

Steve's WorldStart site is long overdue being named our Site Of The Week, so let us rectify that oversight right now - Tada! This week's site of the week is "WorldStart Dot Com"!

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This Week's Tips and Tricks

There's' A Storm Comin' - Close All The Windows Fast!
Windows XP (All versions)

Have you ever found yourself with a dozen or applications open (or a dozen or so windows open) and be working back and forth between them - then you need to troubleshoot something or you want/need to install something and wanted to shutdown all running applications? Hmmm, you haven't? We have, and we're betting a few of you out there have too. If not, then we're completely out-of-touch with reality and you can skip to the next tip :-) - Visit this page to learn an exceptionally good but little-known Windows Trick!

Doing Things Differently - The Spice of Computers
Windows XP (All Versions)

OK. This tip is going to seem a little weird to some of you. But as the old saying goes: "There's more than one way to skin a cat". Now, when you think about it, that's an awfully crude saying. But it's one of those phrases that no one actually means what they're saying when they say it.

Whew! Well anyway, in Windows there are normally two or three (or more) ways to do the same thing. Knowing different ways to get the same thing done is good (we think) because...well just because it increases your computer knowledge and if you're going to do something you might as well commit yourself to learning how to do it right.

If you want to learn another way of accessing your control panel and the things in it without ever opening the control panel - you'll want to visit this page and learn this tip!

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Best wishes,

Eightball & Thundercloud
Cloudeight Information Avenue Free Edition - Issue #247
October 21, 2006