Windows 10 Your Way 

Windows 10 Your Way

Make your Windows 10 Computer Work Look & Work the way you want it too.

ONLY $25 (limited time offer)

Windows 10 Your Way $25
Our Windows 10 YOUR WAY package - Includes all features listed below :
  • Customize your Windows 10 Start Menu, and show you how to organize and add and remove programs from it
  • Optimize your startups and startup services for faster startups
  • Turn off unnecessary background apps and optimize your computer's performance
  • Install a Windows 7-style start menu (at your request).
  • Set default bowser and mail settings ( by default Microsoft Edge is the default browser)
  • Place shortcuts for Internet Explorer on your desktop, taskbar, and/or start menu (your choice)
  • Turn on Windows File History if you have an external drive or second hard drive. File History is a great way to automatically backup your personal files.
  • Make Windows 10 look and work the way YOU want it to.

Windows 10 is great - but we'll make it even better by customizing it to your needs and preferences.

Special sale price is just $25. Get yours now and enjoy Windows 10 YOUR WAY!

Windows 10 Your Way $25